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Dogs Don’t Hold Grudges…

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

On Day 1 of Bella’s Boot Camp you could see in the video that Bella tried to attack Max. Instead of holding a grudge (like some of us humans do!) he moved forward…he did what dogs do and lived in the moment.  The next couple of days the Pack were tuning in to Bella’s unbalanced energy and gave her a wide berth when they sensed imbalance.  Today though with the sun shining it’s been a HUGE leap forward.  Not only has she just been out on a Pack walk with the pack from start to finish but she got fed with the pack aswell !  This is a huge challenge for a dog aggressive dog and she pulled it off like she’d been having meals with them forever. What’s she doing now ?  Well take a look at the picture and see for yourself…Every Day’s a Tough Day at Boot Camp !  Maybe we need to live in the moment occasionally and just go with the flow ?…

Enjoy the sunshine…..

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