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About Jo Cottrell

"If you take the time to understand your dog and learn how to fulfill them as mother nature intended, believe me, both you and your dog will be a lot happier!"

Dog Trouble Behaviour, Training and Wellness was created by dog behaviourist, Jo Cottrell, with the ultimate goal of not only rehabilitating dogs to provide them with a second chance in life, but also to educate dog owners and people working with dogs about dog behaviour.

Jo follows the natural instinctual principles that have governed dog behaviour for many years. She is certified in Canine Psychology and has completed the ‘Training Cesar’s Way’ certified course with Internationally recognised Cesar Millan, and ‘The Missing Link’ certified course with Cheri Lucas, and Brian Agnew.

Jo also has a BA Hons (Qualified Teacher Status) degree and is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. She brings a wealth of knowledge combining her interest and experience in the use of Holistic health, Canine Zoopharmacognosy and Dog Nutrition to support her work in rehabilitating dogs with behaviour issues.

Jo is exceptional in the way she connects with a dog, focusing on healing their Mind, Body and Spirit. Jo’s extensive knowledge of dog health, nutrition and behaviour enables her to treat a dog as a whole, ensuring the root cause of their behaviour is addressed to ensure long term balance as opposed to a ‘quick fix!’.  Jo teaches dog owners how to listen and connect with their dog by observing their body language and feeling their energy. Through that connection dog owners learn how to build the respect and trust between them and their dog and the tools and understanding that enable them to achieve balance. Whether working with dog owners, trainers, vets or rescue organisations, Jo’s calm, positive energy empowers people to believe in themselves, think ‘outside the box’ and connect with their dog in order to achieve success.

Image by Jon Tyson

COMING SOON - "Dog Basics"a complete course for dog owners from Jo Cottrell. Includes videos and pdf downloads covering all aspects of dog behaviour, training and wellness. Subscribe to the Dog Trouble mailing list to get advance notice of release.

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