Board & Train


"Sebastian would always jump up at people when they came in the house and when we were out on walks, he thought everybody wanted to say 'Hello' to him! We were also really struggling getting him to come back off lead.

Since being at Dog Trouble we can now call Sebastian and he comes back to us! Amazing!"

- Gill & Tony

"We were really struggling with getting Felix to do what we asked, he simply ruled us!  We had gone to classes but he was so over excited that he just used to bark all the time and disrupt the class, so we were advised that maybe we shouldn't go back!

He just wanted to play with every dog and he would pull on the lead to get to them. When Felix came back from Board & Train he was so much calmer and walked beautifully by our side, greeting dogs nicely, we couldn't believe it was our dog!"

- Eve & John

Never having owned a dog and acknowledging Sam’s cross-breed characteristics, we knew we needed to get this new relationship on the right path from the start. Fate stepped in and we heard about Dog Trouble. Jo has been our guide and mentor on our journey to give Sam a home enabling him, and us, to have a calm and well-balanced life together. Her understanding of dog psychology is second to none and we have gladly taken on board both mentally and physically her approach and training methods. You may think walking a dog is easy but I didn’t know there was a right and wrong way but I do now! We did our ‘homework’ and continue to practice everything we have learnt, which is, that it is the consistency of the human on the end of the lead that gives our beloved pet a happy, fun and well-balanced life!

I truly believe that if every prospective new dog owner would give themselves (and their dog) the gift of some time with a dog behaviourist, then it should be Jo Cottrell, she knows her stuff. We would certainly have got it very wrong without her invaluable help. THANKS JO xx

- Wendy & Ahmed

Board & Train is for those puppies/dogs that require basic training or a 'Top up' to get them back on track in order to learn how to become a balanced dog.

Dogs exhibiting the following behaviour are suitable for Board & Train:

  • Overexcitement

  • Pulling on Lead

  • Intermittent or no recall

  • Not responding to commands

  • Not interacting with dogs or people respectfully


Prior to booking the board & train package a Dog Behaviour consultation (virtual or face to face) with Jo Cottrell is required to ascertain the dogs behaviour and discuss the length of time required in the Board & Train programme.  This will need to be booked first.


At the end of the stay we will provide you with a practical coaching session (included in the package) to teach you the skills and understanding to enable your dog to maintain their progress.  Additional coaching sessions can be booked.

Daily activities for Board & Train dogs in addition to training include Pack Walks with other dogs, cycling, swimming, agility and breed specific activities.

Please Note:

Clients will be given an approximate length of time that their dog will benefit from in the board & train programme, but generally a minimum of 1 week is advised.  This programme is not suitable for dogs exhibiting aggression issues, they will be required to attend Boot Camp.