Exercise Paddocks

My dogs love their visits to the Dog Trouble Paddocks. It means I can let all 4 of them off together without the worry of them being a nuisance to other dog owners... and best of all I can hire the Agility Paddock and let Jasper brush up on his jumping skills!

- Christine

I hire the Agility Paddock on a regular basis. It's ideal for Rupert to get lots of exercise while having fun with the agility equipment.

- Jean

Dog Trouble are delighted to provide two paddocks for you to securely exercise your dog, off-lead: the Main Paddock and a separate Agility Paddock with dog agility equipment. Both paddocks are available for hire for £6 for a 30 minute slot - book 2 slots if you would prefer an hour's exercise.  


The Main Paddock is approximately 28m x 36m and the Agility Paddock is slightly longer. The fences are covered in green netting and are around 2m high but the gates are lower, about 1m high.

The enclosed paddocks are a great way for individuals to practice some Dog Agility and/or to allow your dog off leash in an enclosed environment,  providing them with both mental and physical exercise.

The paddocks are used during the day by Centre staff and the hours available are therefore restricted. During winter months the Paddock closes at 4:30pm, and during summer closing time is 7:00pm. Click on the Bookings button to see the time slots available.

NOTE: Please make sure to observe the safety notices displayed at the entrance to the Paddocks. In line with DEFRA guidelines a maximum of 4 dogs may be exercised at any time provided the dogs are kept under control. Dog Trouble is a working Dog Behaviour Centre, it is therefore essential that all dogs are kept on a lead at all times outside of the paddocks. Do not let your dogs off the lead until you are inside the paddock. Your dog(s) must also wear a collar and identity tag while on Dog Trouble property.


By booking either of the Paddocks, or using any part of the Birchin Inhams Farm site, you accept that this is at your own risk. Dog Trouble assumes no liability nor responsibility for loss, injury or damage to persons, dogs or property on or at the Birchin Inhams Farm site including injury or damage resulting by reason of falls, fire, theft, vandalism, collision, or acts of third-parties. Please make sure to observe all notices at the centre - they are intended to keep clients, visitors, staff, dogs and farm animals safe. Thank you!