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Case Studies


Dogs are territorial by nature.  It is instinctual to them to establish and defend territory and to protect and guard the possessions they deem as theirs and essential to their survival.

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Fear and Anxiety

Most dogs who display fearful or anxious behaviour towards people and/or dogs are generally not very confident dogs. 


Aggressive behaviour in dogs is just an outcome of the way a dog is feeling.  When any dog feels a threat to their survival in any way they will go into ‘Survival’ mode where they will choose to either Flight (run away), Fight, Avoid or Submit.


As a general rule, the more energy a dog has the more excitable they will be, therefore identifying the cause of the excitement is crucial. 


A dog bark is a response to a stimulus, i.e. they are barking to tell you something!  Dogs have great intuition, follow their instincts and can sense danger, way before human beings.  Which means if they sense something is not right they’re going to let us know.


Inappropriate chewing is a fairly common problem in young dogs and dogs who are bored or anxious.  In the early stages of puppyhood a dog will use their mouth to explore their environment and chewing is part of that. 


When dogs become obsessed or fixated with things, it usually means that they are either not getting enough physical or mental exercise or they are insecure. 

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