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Meet The Pack



Gender: Male

Breed: Lurcher

Age: 14 years (2008)

History: Bentley came to Dog Trouble from Binfield Dog Rescue. I spotted Bentley in his kennel during one of our Rescue visits, where we teach and support rescue centres about dog behaviour. The first thing that struck me about Bentley was his beautiful energy, he was so calm and gentle and I knew he would be a great addition to the Dog Trouble Pack helping teach other dogs. He was very depressed for a few months and would just sleep then one day in true lurcher style he did a few sprints around the paddock, then went and sunbathed with the others!  Bentley is semi-retired now and spends the afternoon at home after his morning at the centre and if its a grotty day then he has a day off!


Likes: Sunbathing.  Playing with Bear, Ruby and Thea.  A peaceful life!


Issues: He's an old boy now and is hyper sensitive to noise, slippery flooring and the cold! 



Gender: Male

Breed: Labrador Mix

Age: 2 years 2011

History: Baloo was found with his mum and littermates in Zakynthos, Greece when he was approximately 5 months old.  He originally came over to the UK to go to a home, however due to his remarkable calm and kind energy it was immediately apparent that he would make a great teacher!

Baloo loves other dogs and people and is really valuable at teaching other dogs to trust and learn how to play.  He is a dog with a big heart and wants to bring joy to everyone he meets.  


Likes:  Playing with Bear, Ollie and Tilly and being a great teacher to his son George.  He loves his morning runs with the pack around the farm.


Issues: Being over excited and a super high prey drive!



Gender: Male

Breed: Labrador Mix

Age: 6 mths (June 2023) 

History: George is the son of Baloo and Tilly (mums dog).  After a surprise pregnancy we had 6 puppies, all black lab mixes!  We found amazing homes for all of the puppies but I decided that George had the calmest energy and although a little sensitive he would be great to have in the pack to help other dogs.

George loves other dogs and people and has been learning great things from all the members of the pack but particularly his favourite, Uncle Bear! Like his dad he is a dog with a big heart and brings kindness and joy to everyone he meets.  


Likes:  Playing with Baloo & Tilly and following Bear around. He loves his off lead walks around the farm.


Issues: Chewing at the moment and rolling in fox poo....particularly after he's been bathed!!



Gender: Male

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Age: 5 years (2018)

History: Bear is the only Pedigree dog I have ever owned!  After losing Auste my black labrador I really wanted to find another one that I could train from a puppy.  So after spending a week Sheepdog training with Katy Cropper she announced that her dog was having puppies soon and was I interested?….So a few months later I came back with Bear!  He is incredibly reliable around dogs, people, kids and other animals and has the most amazing natural recall.


Likes: Loves life! Swimming, running, retrieving and playing with Ollie!


Issues: Bear can be nervous when walking across tile/wood flooring sometimes.



Gender: Male

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Age: 15 years (2008)

History: Freddy spent 3 months in The Dogs Trust, Newbury where he kept getting returned to for biting people. So he came to us with typical ‘Little Dog’ syndrome!  We call him ‘The Referee’ as he keeps the pack in order when they get too playful by barking at them and standing in between them!  Freddy thinks he's a rottweiler and will step up to defend any dog or himself, which unfortunately resulted in him now having 3 legs! It hasn't deterred him though and he still loves pottering about with me.  He's an old boy now so like Bentley, he is semi-retired!


Likes: He loves a snuggle on the sofa under a blanket and coming on car journeys. 


Issues: Freddy is old now so he hates the cold and rain. Obviously being a Terrier squeeky toys are a no go!



Gender: Female

Breed: Hellenic Hound Mix

Age: 9 years (2014)

History: Ruby was found abandoned in the mountains in Zakynthos, Greece at 7 weeks old by some tourists. After raising enough money to fly her back to the UK, Ruby grew into a beautiful energetic, fun, cheeky girl.  Ruby is amazing at reading a dog's energy and knows when to greet and when to be patient and give space to dogs that are fearful/insecure.  She is my 'No1' in helping to assess a dog.


Likes:  Sleeping with Bentley on his bed and loves running on the farm hunting squirrels and rabbits. Ruby loves a cuddle on the sofa and is always very respectful in asking first!


Issues: Jumping up, barking in excitement.



Gender: Male

Breed: Spaniel

Age: 8 years

History: Milo’s owner contacted us when he was about 1 year of age because he had bitten her numerous times when she went to handle him. When I first met Milo it was pretty obvious that Milo was a poorly bred dog. His walking/running gait was completely out of balance, often ‘fish tailing’ when he ran and progressively limping on his front leg and skipping on his back legs. He was too much for her to handle being a working dog and untrustworthy so she agreed to let him join the Dog Trouble Pack.  After seeing Sarah at Fitzpatrick referrals it turns out that Milo was born with a part of his lumbar spine protruding into his sciatic nerve, so he would have been in pain from when he was born which certainly contributed to his behaviour issues.

Likes: Milo loves accompanying me on coaching sessions and if he could, would follow me everywhere! Wherever there is water Milo will be swimming! He also loves his morning runs on the farm.


Issues: He is extremely hyperactive due to being in a low level of pain and will sometimes go into a ‘panic’ when having a lead put on, having his feet touched or ears cleaned.  So by staying calm and doing ‘touch’ work with him he trusts people more. He is addicted to me and will try to follow me everywhere!



Gender: Male

Breed: Chocolate collie cross!

Age: Approx 7 yrs (2016)

History: Ollie had been living on the streets of Kalamaki, Zakynthos for about 1 1/2 years when he started to hang around with my friends dogs at their villa.  He would follow me when I took my Greek Pack out walking every day, never confident enough to approach me directly but just following along behind.  It was difficult to work out whether he was sociable with people as he had ‘funny eyes’ but in fact when I lived out there for a month in 2018 it became apparent that he just didn’t trust humans due to how he was treated!  Ollie is a very ‘Spiritual dog’  with amazing energy and a very high Pack Drive which makes him a great addition to my pack in helping other dogs become balanced.  We call him ‘The Bodyguard’ as he loves to lay by my side and keep watch.  He is the most loving, loyal dog now that he has a place to call 'home!'  


Likes: Being with me and Bear- his best mate!


Issues: Travelling in the car as he gets car sick.

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