Meet the Team

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Jo Cottrell

Business Owner and Dog Behaviourist

Jo is exceptional in the way she connects with a dog, focusing on healing their Mind, Body and Spirit. Jo’s extensive knowledge of dog health, nutrition and behaviour enables her to treat a dog as a whole, ensuring the root cause of their behaviour is addressed to ensure long term balance as opposed to a ‘quick fix!’. 


Nikki Mcguinness

Business Manager

Nikki worked in the corporate sector for the last 13 years and has recently joined the Dog Trouble Team as Business Manager to support Jo with the operational side of the business.  Nikki has a passion for music and is a song writer and producer and in fact created the Jingle for Jo's podcasts.  Interestingly, Nikki has overcome her allergy to dogs through excessive exposure to being married to Jo and living with 9 dogs!!

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Katie Marie

Office Assistant

Katie worked in the 

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Marcia Thomson

Assistant Dog Behaviourist

Kodey Hamblin

Centre Assistant


John Harmsworth

Centre Assistant


Bethan Price

Centre Assistant


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Part-time Centre Assistant

After 29 years working in the IT industry I made a major life changing decision to take another career path. I’ve always been surrounded by family dogs, one of which Jo worked with to rehabilitate. I have a passion to learn and develop my knowledge of dog behaviour and wellbeing. I’ve had the pleasure to have known Jo since childhood and was very excited to be offered a position at Dog Trouble.  After coming from an office job I’ve not only enjoyed the physical challenge which has improved my own fitness I also love to see happy well exercised and socialised Dogs


Part-time Centre Assistant

I’ve always loved animals, in particular dogs. I became especially interested in their behaviour when my Leonberger went blind. In summer 2017 I did my DofE volunteering at Dog Trouble and fell in love with the place, people and values. After my placement, I was offered a part time job and have worked every weekend since. Watching and learning from Jo and all the staff has been incredible. The way they work with dogs is inspirational and something I am so keen to learn more about. I have learnt so much from Dog Trouble not only about how to behave and be assertive around dogs but how  to improve my confidence around dogs and people aswell! I look forward to learning so much more in the future.



Dude was rescued from a slaughter house by 'Lost Souls' horse rescue.  He was in a terrible state and they nursed him back to good health and started to build his trust around humans. I had a donkey called Rosie and a Shetland pony called Angus when I was a child on our farm, so for years I've been wanting to rescue and rehabilitate some to help me rehabilitate dogs that are frightened or aggressive towards large animals.  Dude is a real character and he loves his farm walks with the dogs often running after them and then having a good roll in the dust!


Cob horse

Chance was rescued by 'Lost Souls' horse rescue after being dumped at a very young age.  He was very underweight and had not been cared for at all.  I saw Chance when I went to visit Dude and his beautiful blue eyes just drew me in!  He was so trusting of humans and I actually chose him as a companion for Dude because he had the most amazing 'energy', so calm and gentle which would be ideal for teaching dogs to trust.  He walks and now trots really well on lead around the farm.  He loves being groomed and wherever there is grass he will be, so sometimes I have to go looking for him around the farm!

Jog, Dixie, Delila, Dotty, Daisy

Pygmy Goats

The Pygmy goat gang are fantastic in helping to rehabilitate dogs.  They are cheeky and very brave! They love to run and climb on everything and they love to eat the hedge and most recently my fruit trees! Jog is the 'Man of the house' and the girls were adopted from Odds Farm in 2020.


A selection of breeds!

The chickens were bought not only to join the farm animal team to help rehabilitate dogs with a high Prey Drive but we also sell the eggs they lay to help raise money for The Dog Trouble Foundation!