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Below you’ll find just a few of the wonderful things people have said about Jo Cottrell and the team at Dog Trouble.

I found the day informative and friendly. It was exactly what I was looking for, without feeling overwhelmed. I now have a good starting point from which I can practice. Thank you

Lesley Whelan-Young – Basics Workshop; February 2024

We took our 9month old Maltipoo to the Basics workshop. This is a great workshop for anyone who wants to understand their dog better. Jo has a straight talking approach and explained all about the pack drive in dogs and how they communicate with each other. She gave us practical examples of how to respond in situations which has given me so much more confidence, with great advice on health and nutrition. The team then follow up with the advice on email with video clips to help you remember (there is a lot to take in!). Highly recommend and would not hesitate to use Jo if I need any further advice or support. Looking forward to going on a socialisation walk too!

Seona Beatson – Basics Workshop; September 2023

A very informative day, with lots of help and useful tips to go forward with. I found this especially useful having had a broken ankle and needing to connect with Moose after so many other family members and dog walkers working with him.

Pippa Ashmore – Basics Workshop; June 2023

I was really nervous about taking my dog on this course as I was worried about what others would think of him and me. However he and I were put at ease from the start and the theory really helped to explain why we had got to the point we had and then the practise showed me how we could improve both his life and mine. Taking him out to Virginia water on the second day was a revelation and it has given me the confidence to walk my dog again in spaces where he will be challenged by other dogs being present, but knowing now how to set him up to succeed. We have a long way to go but I and my family recognise what a great start we made on those 2 days. Thank you Jo and all the team.

Alison Halford – F&A Workshop; May 2023

What an amazing day, worth every penny and we wish we'd attended sooner. Very impressed with Jo Cottrell, she certainly knows her subject and is able to convey her knowledge in a fun and interesting way. The whole day was informative, fascinating and lots of fun. We left feeling very positive and with a renewed desire to help our dog achieve a better balance.

Angela Anderson – Basics Workshop; April 2023

I have been a dog owner for many years and have learnt a lot about animal behaviour, with humans, other dogs and other stimuli.

Liz Peters – Basics Workshop; March 2023

Excellent session, clear, practical and tailored advice. We are happy dog and owner as a result!

Chris Ormond – Basics Workshop; March 2023

We had played with the idea of attending a course and following on from someone who had attended a previous course we decided to commit ourselves. Our dog was showing aggression towards other dogs on occasions and we didn't want this to escalate. Within a REALLY short space of time Jo was able to assess Sidney's anxiety and help us to help him manage it better especially when we are around other dogs.We realised quickly that our previous approach when we were out walking with him was hindering the situation rather than helping. We are still learning all of us how to make life better but we know what we can do to achieve these goals. As for health and diet that was another discovery so we decided to look at what we were pumping into Sidney on a monthly basis and cut out the things that were probably contributing towards his levels of anxiety. Again this is work in progress and we think this will show continuous improvements over a period of time as it was only a month ago we attended the course so early days. Jo introduced essential oils helping to explore the oils that will impact and reduce any anxiety and again this is work in progress. This should be seen as a five star review because we are better equipped to complete the changes but this will take time as old habits can be tricky to rid ourselves of when left unsupervised!!

John Mills – Aggression Workshop; March 2023

I’ve just finished a 2 day workshop with Jo and I highly recommend. She keeps it simple and everything makes sense, to see your dog respond to you in a way you haven’t before is a good feeling. She is very personable and clearly knows what she is talking about. I am now excited to move into this next phase with my dog because I am armed with the knowledge and skills to keep improving our relationship and give him the direction he deserves to be his happiest self!

Fear and Anxiety Workshop from Louise Crampton

Jo was a pleasure to listen to, I left Dog Trouble understanding my dog Ollie’s issues and realised that I played a big part in causing them. Jo has given me the tools to start repairing those issues for which I am very grateful.

Basics Workshop from Kenneth Ashley Moon November 2022

We found the day thoroughly enjoyable and educational. Jo was an expert at understanding the needs of Murphy in a short space of time and was then able to equip us with the tools to help him start to become a more balanced dog. We have work to do but definitely feel more confident in our approach. Thank you so much!

Aggression Workshop from Yvonne Rendle September 2022

The workshop was informative and helpful both in terms of theoretical and practical ideas. The theory whereby Jo explained her ideology was extremely interesting and the handout was useful to take away. Jo’s way of handling the dogs and demonstrating how to put her practical approaches into use was excellent. She took the time to help everyone and explain how each approach was appropriate to individual dogs (and owners!) and then explained how to implement these approaches into our everyday lives. There was plenty of time for all participants to have a practice under Jo’s watchful eye in a relaxed way but with clear direction. I have already started to implement these practices into Merlin’s routine and it has made a wealth of difference. Thank you, Dog Trouble, for making such a difference to how we can move forward.

Basics Workshop from Sue Englefield July 2022

I would like to say a big thankyou to Jo and her team for a productive, well run and informative fear and anxiety workshop, carried out in a calm atmosphere for both the dogs and the owners. Not only did the workshop provide behaviour training skills, Jo takes the extra step compared to previous behaviourist iv seen to educate owners on nutrition, dog psychology and general wellbeing of our furry friends making these workshops really good value for money . After much struggle with my dog lunging, barking and growling at any dog in sight, turning to Jo has been the best decision. I can honestly say Jo really does know her stuff showing an excellent understanding of both the dog and owners needs to tackle any issues. Even just after 2 weeks, the guidance Jo provided has seen big improvements in my dog with him now being able to pass many more dogs without a reaction. I very much look forward to my 1-1 sessions at Virginia Waters as advised after observation within the workshop, to guide me through any unexpected situations I may come across in day to day walking. Many thanks again Jo and your team, keep up the great work!

Lisa, Sandhurst

I reached out to Jo at Dog Trouble, completely lost and not knowing where to turn with my new Dog. It was completely alien having a dog with behaviour issues(Biting me, no recall, unable to follow instructions and very boisterous). The final straw was when he latched on to my wrist and left me bleeding on a walk.

Jo was exceptional through out and I can not describe in words the level of professionalism we have received over the last 2 weeks. Not only have they performed what feels like a miracle with Louie. The communication throughout Louies stay was second to none. With out fail we received video analysis of Louie every day, daily up dates and lessons he was learning. It was heartwarming to watch his transformation in action, I loved how kind, calm and focused Joe was with Louie. I couldn’t quite believe how quickly Jo had Louie adhering to rules and boundaries.

I also want to commend Jo on her patience and personable approach to me. I’ve learnt that this is just as much me as it is Louie. The training and guidance she has given me is simply put incredible! She went above and beyond throughout and I have seen first hand the level of care and relationships she builds with each dog. It’s truly amazing to see.

I can hand on heart recommend Jo and her team, to anyone out there who feels stressed and doesn’t know where to turn with their doggy Friend! I also love that now Louie has finished his stay, we can stay up to date with training videos on youtube and facebook.

I’m pleased to say Louie is now home, walking him is a pleasure and the house is a calmer place with a well balanced dog in it.

Thank you so much Jo and your wonderful team.

Lorraine and Neil

Pippi is such a changed dog I can’t believe it!!  I keep going out & expecting the effect of this training collar to “wear off”, but she is staying with me the whole time and hardly goes out of sight.  I have only had to do one or two quick “reminders” on level 5 on any walk over the last week.  A BIG change from losing her for 15/20 mins on EVERY walk!  Thank you SO much for helping me to get control of Pippi – we all love her so much and now I feel she is much safer.


Thank you Jo for helping to turn everything around for us. I was at the end of my tether and the dogs (especially Kya!) were seriously trying mine and Dave’s patience. It was putting strain on own relationship as well because we never had a moment together without distractions, and Kya’s food aggression and the way she was guarding bones/toys was becoming quite scary.


Coming to Dog Trouble was the final chance for us to turn things around and I didn’t believe it could be done, but Jo you have worked miracles. You’ve taught both the dogs and ourselves so much and I can’t thank you enough.


I think it’s important to mention that E-Collars were something I was always skeptical about and deemed to be cruel, but a key thing for me was learning how these can be used safely and respectfully, and they work wonders when you have big dogs like ours who are difficult to calm down if they become agitated around other dogs, try to do a runner when off of the lead or jump over the fence into our neighbours garden which are just a few of the things I was constantly having to deal with!


Another big battle I feel I have won is being able to walk both the dogs on my own. Having two Rottweilers to contend with on a walk, between the pulling on the lead and silly outbursts at other dogs, petrified me. Jo helped us both to understand that this was down to us needing to take back control, avoid getting nervous ourselves and the dogs own insecurities and when I did my first walk all on my own I felt really liberated and pleased with both the dogs and myself for persevering!

Thank you to Jo and the team as well for looking after our pups whilst we were on holiday – we could rest assured that they were in good hands which helped us to relax and enjoy our time away. ? Even from this they have come home in great spirits and seem to be getting on much better with each other, and are more respectful of us as well. So not only did you take care of them for us, we have noticed even more positive changes in their behavior.

Throughout the whole experience we couldn’t have asked for more. You have helped to piece our family back together. xx


I was amazed at the professionalism and ease that made me feel comfortable and able to achieve my goals.  I am now confident and relaxed taking my boy out for walks and meeting other dogs without incidents of growling or attacking other dogs.  Sam also comes back when I call him now! Thank you so much Jo and your Team!


Fletch is our 4 year old border collie, we came to Jo to help us with Fletch’s reactiveness to other dogs and noise sensitivity, It made dog walks miserable for both of us, I was constantly doubling back or hiding round trees to avoid other dogs, in case that was one he might not like. Fletch wasn’t able to run about with our other dog and enjoy good sniffs and the wind in his tail. My husband and I also were playing an often-difficult game of logistics if I had to travel for work as we couldn’t take him to a day care or leave him in a kennel, and we also cancelled several holidays as he couldn’t be left with anyone.

I was amazed at the speed at which things changed in Fletch’s behavior after visiting Jo, she helped advise me how to take charge of the situation and how far a bit of assertiveness when dealing with Fletch’s behavior can go. We didn’t need weeks of session as I had expected to, in the first session, Fletch was happy to walk with the pack and Jo had me drop the lead while he socialized and by the second session I even got to watch him play for the first time in a friendly way, not letting his herding instinct take over.

It has changed our life, our walks are really enjoyable, on the most part Fletch meets other dogs with a waggie tail, and enjoys a fuss from their owner and I have the tools and confidence to try new places,  the icing on the cake is the immense peace of mind that I can drop him off for day care or boarding and that the wonderful team continue the good habits that we have learned.

I can’t thank Jo enough for how she has helped us.


We rescued Sam but Jo Cottrell definitely ‘rescued us’!

Never having owned a dog and acknowledging Sam’s cross-breed characteristics, we knew we needed to get this new relationship on the right path from the start. Fate stepped in and we heard about Dog Trouble. Jo has been our guide and mentor on our journey to give Sam a home enabling him, and us, to have a calm and well-balanced life together. Her understanding of dog psychology is second to none and we have gladly taken on board both mentally and physically her approach and training methods. You may think walking a dog is easy but I didn’t know there was a right and wrong way but I do now! We did our ‘homework’ and continue to practice everything we have learnt, which is, that it is the consistency of the human on the end of the lead that gives our beloved pet a happy, fun and well-balanced life!

I truly believe that if every prospective new dog owner would give themselves (and their dog) the gift of some time with a dog behaviourist, then it should be Jo Cottrell, she knows her stuff. We would certainly have got it very wrong without her invaluable help. THANKS JO xx

Wendy & Ahmed

We would like to thank Jo for all her advice in helping Lola to become a more balanced dog. Lola has always been a sensitive dog, but Jo has given us tips on how to handle certain situations and how to give Lola more confidence…. and also us! We still practice these at home with her and when out for walks. We will continue to use the Day Boarding and Pack Walks at Dog Trouble as we feel Lola benefits from this in many ways. Jo was great to work with and her friendly personality made the session’s really enjoyable, thank you Jo! 


I have been delighted with the results of my private consultations with Jo.  My male dog now walks nicely by my side and Jo taught me how to walk both my dogs so we now all enjoy going out and I can finally let them off the lead!  It’s the way I envisaged walking the dogs and Jo helped that become a reality.  I am forever grateful to her.

Gail, Sunningdale

I am happy to recommend Dog Trouble. Our sessions with Jo mean that for the first time since she was about 6 months old we are able to let our dog off the lead and know she remains under our control and will come back when called.

We have a lively Springer/ Cocker spaniel cross who at home is adorable but off lead was manic in her desire to hunt. She would take off like a rocket, run off way out of sight and earshot leaving us wondering how we would get her back. She is not food motivated when out on a walk and wouldn’t come back for a juicy steak, warm chicken fresh from the oven or anything else. She isn’t interested in chasing a ball or toys either. We had previously tried a recall program by a gun dog trainer for dogs with problem recall, proofing the recall with massive food rewards and building it up but this soon failed walking anywhere more interesting than a boring field.

I really didn’t want to have to use a remote collar but we were desperate when we approached Dog Trouble. Having had to rescue her several times as she had got herself trapped in brambles we were now having to keep her on a lead and she is a dog that likes a lot of exercise and constantly wants to run. Jo had us try the collar on ourselves first to see how it actually felt; more of a tingle than a shock, and explained that we would be working at the lowest possible level and would need to be trained in its proper use. I am so glad we did because I can now enjoy walking her in woodland or anywhere else and rarely need to use the collar at all. She now responds usually to my voice alone and yesterday I was so pleased when she took off in full flight after a deer but still turned back and returned to me when called without me having to use the remote collar. I wish we had gone to Dog Trouble much sooner.


Within 5 minutes of everyone arriving on the first morning of the Junior Pack Leader course there were 6 children and 11 dogs but peace and tranquility reigned….astonishing!  Our children have learned a huge amount about keeping our dogs happy and content and how to stay safe around dogs, they loved every minute of it and have already asked when they can go back on a ‘Dog course’ with Jo!

Charlotte,  Maidenhead

Sam is our rescue Cockerpoo who had 2 homes before he came to us.  When we took him on, we knew that there were issues to be addressed and we worked hard to sort these out over a period of 3 ½ years.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to sort out Sam’s fear aggression and realized that we needed professional help.  At that time, we were seriously discussing whether we would be able to keep Sam as he was becoming more unpredictable and had bitten a number of people.

Initially Sam spent 10 days with Jo in ‘Boot Camp’ and since then Jo has helped us to modify the way that we and other people who come into contact with Sam interact with him. It is great to know that Jo is always at the end of the phone to give us advice if we need it going forward.  It is also reassuring to know that we have someone who knows and understands the issues that we have with Sam to leave him with when we go away.

Jan, Finchampstead

The Dog Walker Workshop was very helpful. I’m looking into setting up a dog walking service and I found the combination of practical examples of dog-walking issues, including handling dog aggression, and the information that Jo provided on understanding dog behaviour was just right. It was also good to have the opportunity to see some of the vehicles that are used by dog-walkers. I would definitely recommend this workshop.

Christine, Reading

We bought Daisy at the age of 11 months. Unfortunately we soon found out that she hadn’t been socialized and didn’t even know what it was like to live in a house or meet other human beings. She was an extremely anxious and nervous dog who was stress incontinent whenever someone went near her or she was taken into situations she wasn’t comfortable with. When we first took her for walks she would get into a terrible panic at the noise of a gate being opened.

After a lot of searching on the internet for help Jo’s name came up. After a consultation with Jo we booked eight sessions with her.

We’ve had Daisy for 11 months now and although she isn’t perfect, she is a joy to have. She’s a happy and playful dog. We can now go for walks where we can finally let her off lead and she’ll happily play with other dogs whereas she was frightened of them before. She’s still very wary of people but getting there slowly but surely.

Our meetings with Jo always instilled confidence and have left us with a lifelong lesson on how to move forward. Dog Trouble is now Daisy’s second home as we always board her there when we are away knowing she’ll be happy and looked after. Can’t thank Jo and her team enough.


Dave went into training as he was reactive on the lead. Although Dave is still not 100% he has got better and is improving every day. Part of the package we had included training us as owners and with the help and advice we were given we are now more relaxed when walking which is helping Dave to improve.

Thank you Dog Trouble for your help and advice and for reassuring us that we were not bad owners.


I was at my wits end understanding why one of my young dogs was ‘so aggressive’ in certain situations and knowing how best to manage him. In fact, walks became so stressful that I hated taking them out each day and would reward myself if all three of us got home unscathed. I just could not understand what I was doing wrong.

Finding Jo Cottrell and Dog Trouble was our lifeline. She immediately reassured me that the dog in question was defensive, not aggressive and that he was doing his best to protect his brother and myself from any situation that HE thought was potentially threatening. He reacted to ‘unbalanced energy’.

One introductory session with Jo followed by four one to one sessions saw a huge improvement in how I managed him. By our fourth session we were able to walk, off lead, amongst children, alongside football players and with cyclists and joggers – all the kind of things he saw as being ‘unbalanced energy’!

In a nutshell, Jo saved the three of us and life is now normal again since I have learnt how to manage situations and he has learnt to trust that I am the leader and can do the protection job adequately!


Charlie was a rescue dog and after 6 weeks we were struggling with his strong will and destructiveness. We found Dog Trouble’s website and rang for help. They spent time with us discussing our issues with Charlie. Then set up a training plan to resolve our problems. They Educated and Trained us as well as Charlie making sure the issues were covered. We had 6 sessions and Charlie is now a different dog. He is more relaxed can be let of lead and comes back when called is not trashing the house or destroying his toys. We would recommend them to anyone with a problem dog.


Otis is a large dog and was over protective of me and showed aggression to other dogs and people on an unpredictable basis. Walking was a nightmare and had become a chore. We had tried other behaviorist but had not made much progress and had wished we had known about Jo first. Jo assessed the cause and devised a plan to correct. Walking is now a pleasure and we are able to let him off lead when over the common which did not seem possible 6 months ago. He mixes well with other dogs although on rare occasions he still shows aggression but this has as much to do with the other dogs approach. Jo also helped with a recall and confidence issue with our other dog Lola, this is also now not an issue. Thanks Jo, do not know what we would have done without you as this was his last chance.


We arrived at Dog Trouble with an incredibly reactive dog, who lunged and barked aggressively at every dog he saw, even at a distance. We had reached a point where we struggled to exercise him. We had considered rehoming him or moving to the middle of nowhere so that he could be at ease. Since the workshop, it’s like we have a completely different dog. He can now walk calmly by our side without reacting, we have even had compliments from strangers on how well behaved he is! Jo is a great teacher and there was a good balance between theory and practical hands on teaching throughout the workshop. Overall we had a really positive experience and would recommend to anyone struggling with their dogs behaviour. Thank you to Jo and the rest of the team.

Faye Shannon – F&A Workshop; December 2023

Enlightening session, really helped to point me in the right direction for correcting the issues I have with my dog.

Rebecca Sharkey – Basics Workshop; September 2023

The course was very enlightening especially around nutrition and essential oils, it also reinforced the pack leader requirements to give my dog the reassurance he needs in high anxiety situation.


Alli Walton – F&A Workshop; July 2023

Both Jo’s clearly love their job! Communication from start to finish was great from Jo W. Jo C clearly knows her stuff and was listening intently and hanging on to her every word. I had never considered the whining that the dogs were doing as being anxiety, but when explained, it seemed obvious. I would recommend the basics workshop to all dog owners. The workshop is full of information and the day went very quickly which means we were enjoying it!

Zoe Osbourne – Basics Workshop; June 2023

The team at Dog trouble are lovely and professional whilst providing a personal experience. Having rescued a dog with considerable behavioural issues, Jo's experience and information was invaluable. Being in a small group with many opportunities for individual training, advice and feedback was fantastic.

Saira Chawdhary – F&A Workshop; May 2023

I've spent over a year trying to get my dog to stop pulling - with the right leash and advice she moved to heel and pack walking within 5 minutes! Walking is now a pleasure not a chore - thanks Jo

Glynn Evans – Basics Workshop; May 2023

Every member of staff we have had contact with at Dog Trouble have been incredibly welcoming and helpful. The workshop was the perfect balance of practical learning and presentations. We were worried it was going to be a very long day but the day didn't drag at all or feel like too much. Jo Cottrell explains things calmly but passionately and kept us fully engaged throughout. Jo got to know all the dogs and their owners and we felt comfortable talking to Jo without any fear of judgement. We found the content of the workshop really interesting and we got a lot out of the day.

Basics workshop from Serena Kilmartin March 2023

We have undergone a variety of training sessions with different trainers, prior to hearing about Jo and Dog Trouble. All were beneficial in some respects, but we could not crack the recall or pulling. After hearing about Jo, we started to follow her on social media and also watched her YouTube videos and really liked her style and the results she was getting. So, contacted Dog Trouble, explained what we needed and we were recommended the Basics workshop. Honestly, it was truly a transformation when we left the workshop! We had a dog that walked on the lead without pulling and was becoming more responsive to recall cues. We did wonder whether that transformation was a blip and our dog would revert to type after we got home. But, happy to report, one week on, our dog is still not pulling and is improving on recall daily. We still have a way to go, but know we are now on the right track and are so thankful that we were able to attend the workshop. Looking forward to some follow up 121 sessions to improve further. Thank you Jo and Dog Trouble team.

Karen Guest – Basics Workshop; February 2023


The whole session was amazing and really enlightening, Jo was absolutely brilliant with all of the dogs and was able to read what each of us individually needed for ourselves and our dogs. We took so much away from the session and are using it to good effect with Murphy and can see it working. Fantastic course would thoroughly recommend it to anybody.

Tim Foreman – Basics Workshop; February 2023


I found the workshop really informative. It was just the right size of group (having been to other training sessions with far too many dogs). I learned the basics of what I need to do to become pack leader, I just need to put them into practice now.

Claire Walmsley – Basics Workshop; February 2023


If only I had found Jo sooner! She runs an informative and practical course, with her knowledge showing when looking at how best to guide different dogs in different situations. Clear instruction with practical backup means I have come away with a clear plan on how to continue with the training.

Anonymous – F&A Workshop; January 2023

Jo was excellent at tactfully explaining where we were going wrong and how to correct our behaviour towards our dog so he wouldn’t be so anxious and feel that he needed to be our leader. It was a very positive experience and I would definitely recommend Jo.

Fear and Anxiety Workshop from Vanessa Clark December 2022

This workshop has provided me with some valuable tools and knowledge to deal with my dog’s issues and given me the confidence to use them to benefit us both. It’s been a real game changer.

Fear and Anxiety Workshop from Julie Webb October 2022

From initial enquiry through to delivery of workshop we found the process easy, professional and very helpful always with personal tips thrown in along the way to help your specific behaviour need. Jo is extremely knowledgeable and excellent at directing the dogs and humans alike as needed. Great day and learnt lots.

Basics Workshop from Julie Murphy July 2022

Our experience so far with Dog Trouble has been nothing short of amazing. We called dog trouble as we found ourselves in a constant 'battle' with our 6m/o rhodesian ridgeback. He is a lovely boy but heavily mouths, is reactive, and from what we now know through Jo is he is anxious and fearful, and a few other complexes.

 The puppy classes have been hugely beneficial, within 5/10 minutes of our first puppy class Jo easily saw that what we thought was a confident pup was actually anxious and defensive fight behaviour. Which, since knowing, has help change our handling of our pup and allowed him to be guided to better react and approach a situation. Further to this we have attended a workshop for fear and anxiety in dogs which was incredibly insightful; covering nutrition, behaviour, our owner behaviour, health and much more. Lunch, hot drinks and biscuits were provided which was very kind. It is something I would recommend any owner attend as the information was substantial.

The team have been amazing, communication has always been clear and friendly and very quickly responds to emails and calls. They have been so supportive when we have had our low points and given great guidance.

Jo's knowledge and passion to educate herself, and help others is lovely. Jo has been amazing in the progression of our dog and there is so much that can be learnt from Jo. We have been lucky to find Dog Trouble and have ourselves seen and worked with such an amazing person and team.

I cannot recommend Dog Trouble enough. The services that they offer, the advice, training, and help is incredible. We are starting to be the owners that our pup needs, and our pup is shaping up to be a wonderful boy.


I came to Jo after trying two other dog behaviorists that did not really help me at all and were unrealistic about what would be possible or I would have time to do every day. I liked Jo’s and her staff’s attitude and approach to dogs, for me it just fitted better and more importantly actually helped.

Without doubt my dog has improved greatly and also Jo has given me much more confidence in myself in public with him, I am no longer scared to walk him with other dogs around.

On a personal note I enjoyed my individual sessions which makes a big difference, Jo is a likeable and pleasant tutor!

Iain, Hertfordshire

Billy came in with numerous issues surrounding obedience. He is clever and quickly learnt how to get attention by being naughty. People would shout and chase him which didn’t work. He learnt some bad habits such as chasing cars, taking objects from peoples’ bags, he lost his recall and I lost control of him at agility. As a consequence I lost my confidence and trust in him, he no longer was allowed off lead except in very safe areas as this would lead to panic if he spotted a car.

I approached Dog Trouble primarily because Billy was in danger and I wanted to give him his freedom back at the same time as respect for me. Also I wanted to be able to enjoy activities with my dog instead of getting frustrated. With the aid of the dog collar Billy has now learnt to show respect, he knows that unwanted behaviour can lead to repercussions. I think there is still quite a way to go with him but there is most definitely progress. I can now ask him to wait if he sees a vehicle and can also recall him without having to press the remote control. More importantly we can now walk with confidence.


We came to Dog Trouble on a recommendation from our neighbour.

Willow was aggressive to both other dogs and people and barked constantly when near them, and was most aggressive when on the lead. At this point we were concerned that she would bite someone.

When we met Jo for the first time Jo went through our concerns very thoroughly and recorded Willow’s history.

Willow was immediately tested with other dogs so Jo could make an assessment.

We started a six session coaching course with Jo and noticed after a very short time that Willow was responding to Jo’s commands, so it was also necessary for us to buy into these and as Jo also needed to train us so that we became confident with what was required.  After a few sessions Willow was beginning to respond to our commands and we became confident to let Willow off lead in various environments.

We also chose to use day boarding, this helped us a lot and was really useful for socializing with other dogs.

We then enrolled for ‘Boot Camp’ where Willow stayed at Dog Trouble for a whole week and received one to one personal training with Jo. When Willow returned we could see a noticeable change and was more relaxed around other dogs and people. After a few more sessions we realized that Willow had ‘got it’ and was very relaxed and happy to be around other dogs.

We never expected this to happen so quickly and we feel without Jo’s help and guidance we would never have progressed so quickly.

It is not all down to Jo, Jo has a fantastic team behind her led by Nikki who kept us up to date with how Willow had got on each time she was at Dog Trouble down to Emma in the office who was a great support to us in organizing any bookings we wished to make.

We have also used the boarding facilities for both our dogs, and each dog is treated as special, we have noticed how relaxed our dogs have been each time we have picked them up.

Thank you Jo, Nikki and her team and Emma for the support you have given to us and Willow.

Dog Trouble is a fantastic place for dogs and we will certainly be using the boarding facilities again.

Nigel and Dianne

I just wanted to say what a fantastic job you all do at Dog Trouble. Luna is always so well looked after, I get useful feedback on her and I can tell she is happy and confident when I drop her off and pick her up.  The office are always so accommodating to my often last minute requests.   I just want to say a big thank you to you all for your hard work and care. 


I haven’t dropped Fred in for a while as whenever my mum can’t have him, my boyfriend takes Fred out in his work van which Fred loves.

We have a local dog friendly pub in Twyford and he roams around in there off the lead. People have even commented on what a well behaved dog he is – I think having a new Alpha male in the house has definitely helped! Hope to see you soon.


As I sat drying my hair this morning, Bo had popped upstairs and was lying upside down with her legs in the air, hoping for a quick blow dry herself I assume – and I was marvelling at the fact, that there was a lovely, gentle and loving dog lying upside down next to me – a year on from her being a dog I was fraught with and she was just coming to boarding school!! She’s such a lovely dog to have around now, really quite biddable, loves to come back to recall, and mostly likes other dogs (with a few exceptions of course). Even our new neighbour’s Dalmation who is quite an alpha female… they actually don’t have a cross word with each other and just run together! Lily is of course still in charge and did have a determined, not going to come back session in the fields this afternoon, but she is just a bit of a card and makes us laugh.

So, I was just reflecting that Gary and I were very lucky to have Bo trained by you, Jo, and for us to be trained too as we have a happy dog household!

Louise & Gary

Jo and Dog Trouble came highly recommended to us last year when our ongoing problems with our Irish Wolfhound took us to crisis point and we were considering having to re-home him.  From the outset Jo was reassuring and patient but also firm and clear in her instruction.  We were left in no doubt that she knew exactly what she was doing in her ability in handling dogs.  It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Jo and her team, the understanding and knowledge we have gained has been invaluable.  We would recommend Jo and Dog Trouble to anyone who wants to get the best relationship with their dog as we have learnt so much about our dog, dogs in general and other dog owners.  We always felt Jo was contactable and willing to help outside of the training sessions and the ability to join her and others on the monthly Pack Walks is a real bonus.  Jo has given us so much confidence and guidance but most of all she has given us our dog back!

Sandra, Yateley

Jo was recommended to me by a fellow dog walker who told me she’d really be able to sort out my little dog’s issues. Having been at a number of puppy classes where the trainers made me feel like I didn’t have a very nice puppy!!

I found Jo’s manner very refreshing as she has a genuine compassion for not only the dog but it’s human too. Poppy was not a crazy horrible dog to her, straight away she made me feel better that I had a lovely little dog that was just a bit insecure. 

Our training began and Jo helped me through my human issues of being scared Poppy was going to bite every dog and human walking past. She built my confidence and in turn Poppy’s confident right back up. 

Her methods were sensible and her calm energy has given me back my loving, fun, (still slightly crazy) little dog.. who brings me so much happiness every day and joy. Especially when I’m now able to walk her off the lead and watch her run and play with most other dogs!!


Since I had my first meeting with Jo and put into practice her advice and training I feel Zac and myself have come on leaps and bounds.  Jo has made a huge difference to my life with Zac, I cannot thank her enough. My niece could not believe the change in Zac and how well he was behaving.  Thankyou Jo, I would recommend you to everyone.

Kate, Wokingham

Before even meeting Blue she had ‘hit the nail on the head’ with what we were up against with his natural instincts!  Jo took the time to get to understand our family’s lifestyle and desired outcomes with Blue.   I cannot thank Jo enough, who was eternally calm and patient with both me, Blue, and my children alike and I have no hesitation in recommending Jo and Dog Trouble to any dog owner.

Clare,  Wokingham

My 6 yr old rescue Labrador Bo has an obsession with squeaky toys.  If she happened to find a discarded one whilst out walking she became totally fixated and oblivious to everything and everyone. I contacted Jo who came, carried out an assessment and recommended a Dog Trace collar. After 2 more sessions with Jo and following her instructions I now have a dog who is happy, balanced, well behaved and who returns to me when called.

“Jo I can’t thank you enough for your support and advice, you’re one in a million”.

Maureen, East Wittering

So I take both dogs, Neeson and The Wolf, out around the Memorial Park. There we bump into a couple of fellow dog walkers with their little dog. Now… they know The Wolf as “Horrible Henry” due to his rather anxious behaviour when previously crossing their path and his previous attempts to get at their dog and ‘rip its throat out’.

However a few months ago I had assured them that The Wolf would become a “changed man” as he was having behavioural lessons with Dog Trouble in Wokingham and that one day in the near future he may come along, say “Good day ladies”, wish them well and perhaps even doff his hat in their direction. Well he didn’t quite do that today but he behaved himself perfectly, approached their dog respectfully, had a couple of sniffs of their dog and then went on his way.

My fellow dog walkers were absolutely amazed with the change in his behaviour. They couldn’t believe how he responded to my every command, how well he looked, how well he was walking, how he was off the lead, etc, etc. They decided they’d drop the “Horrible” part of his name. I have to admit that I was feeling extremely chuffed and really proud of Henry who has shrugged off his wolf’s coat and really turned a corner when it’s come to socialising with other dogs and his recall.


My border collie was fear aggressive and walks had become a bit of a nightmare.  After only 4 sessions with Jo, Cracker was walking happily alongside other dogs.  Jo has given me so much more confidence and Cracker and I are now really enjoying our walks together.

“Jo is very calm and patient I can not recommend her highly enough.”


Our dogs had severe issues with confidence, independence, recall and were overall just not working together.  We were unable to walk our dogs together without a fight breaking up.  Jo has changed our family life in so many ways, and she has helped us find just why animal ownership is such a joy. We can now take our boys to the park and woods and watch all three get into trouble together!

“We love our little family and have Jo to thank for where we are today.”

Michael, London

My little Yorkie Stewie was a nervous dog from the day I got him.  He was really sweet and very protective of me but he started attacking any dog he came across on our walks.  He was also frightened of other people.  I knew I had to do something while he was still young (2 years old).  I tried a training class but it was absolutely awful for both of us – the trainer kept yelling ‘keep your dog away from Stewie’.  I realized that he needed something more so I started doing some research on the internet and I saw ‘Dog Trouble’.  I have been a big fan of “The Dog Whisperer” and his methods and I was so pleased to see that Jo uses the same principles to ‘train’ the dogs.  I didn’t need Stewie trained but I needed him to not try to kill every dog he saw and to enjoy his walks and even the greatest goal be able to be off the lead on walks sometimes.

Jo first set my mind at rest that Stewie was not an aggressive dog –  just lacking in confidence.  After a consultation and some ‘owner-training’ we decided that Stewie would benefit from staying at Dog Trouble for a couple of weeks. After three weeks Stewie was a changed dog.  Running with the ‘pack’,  lots of exercise  gentle training and meeting lots of people had increased his confidence and helped him know how to greet other dogs and people properly.  He is a joy on the lead – doesn’t pull or lunge any more but just trots along beautifully next to me.

When I had to go overseas recently I brought Stewie back to Dog Trouble to board.  He loves it there!

Owner of “Stewie”

We are so grateful to Jo and Nathan at Dog Trouble for all the help they gave us with Oscar our Jack Russell puppy. We were at our wits end trying to get him to understand that we were in charge not him. We had an eight week course at home, out walking and at the centre where everyone was so lovely. We were taught how to handle Oscar and the right way to do things. He is a different dog now, such a pleasure to take out on walks and is behaving a lot better at home. He still has a bit more to learn but we will get there as we now have the tools to do it and help at the end of the phone.

Thank you so much Jo for all you have done, I know Oscar is a much happier dog and enjoying life a lot better which is what we all wanted to achieve.

Linda and Keith

My family and I found Dog Trouble in June 2017, after being let down by other boarding kennels.

My German Shepherd, Roscoe, was 7 years old at the time and like many big dogs was a lot to handle for many kennels we had taken him to previously. After a thorough consultation and one to one sessions with Jo, I could see that the Dog Trouble team had a lot of experience with big dogs and had the skills to work with Roscoe and my family. Roscoe stayed with Jo in kennels from periods of two nights to almost two weeks, and on every single occasion for almost three years, Roscoe always came back to us happy and healthy. 


After many traumatising stays in other kennels, it was easy for us to leave Roscoe with Jo. Everyone at Dog Trouble is fantastic! The kennels are clean, the paddocks are spacious and the dogs are always seen going on walks in their packs. Jo advised us on changing Roscoe's food to Nutriment, and we never looked back. All of the advice from Jo about training, food and supplements were all accurate. Roscoe passed away in August 2020 at the age of ten, from heart failure, but this testimonial is to show our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the Dog Trouble team, for the time they invested in looking after Roscoe.


To anyone who is considering leaving their pet in kennels, do not hesitate to contact Jo and the team. Pets are family members and Dog Trouble were by far the best boarding kennels we ever used in Roscoe's ten years. Thank you for your care and attention .


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