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Dog Behaviour


Dog Trouble offers a range of Workshops and Clinics throughout the year. Topics include, Dog Basics Workshops, Fear & Anxiety Workshops,  Dog Aggression Workshops, Junior Pack Leader Workshops & Dog Walker Workshops. Clinics are available on topics including Raw Feeding, Essential Oils, Canine First Aid, Canine Massage.

Bespoke workshops can be arranged for groups of family, friends, or rescue volunteers. If you are interested in finding out more about arranging your own workshop or clinic use our Enquiry Form to ask for more information.

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Our Dog Behaviour Consultations are an opportunity for owners and potential owners to learn how to achieve a calm and balanced life with your dog and iron out any issues that may be driving you mad.

If you feel like your dog doesn’t listen to a word you say then chances are they don’t respect or trust you as their leader, which means they are not the dog you want them to be at the moment.  Dog Trouble can change that and show you how to own a dog that you love spending time with.

We pride ourselves on rehabilitating dogs with extreme behaviour issues where other professionals have not been successful.  So whatever issues your dog has we can help. 

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Boot Camp is for those dogs that require a more intensive residential programme away from their home environment in order to learn how to be a dog again and become balanced.

Dogs exhibiting dog aggression issues really benefit from this programme as they are integrated with a pack of balanced sociable dogs.

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Jo Cottrell - Dog Trouble

Jo Cottrell - Dog Trouble

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