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"In a nutshell, Jo saved the three of us and life is now normal again since I have learnt how to manage situations and he has learnt to trust that I am the leader and can do the protection job adequately!"

- Janine

"Our dogs had severe issues with confidence, independence, recall and were overall just not working together.  We were unable to walk our dogs together without a fight breaking up.  Jo has changed our family life in so many ways, and she has helped us find just why animal ownership is such a joy. We can now take our boys to the park and woods and watch all three get into trouble together! We love our little family and have Jo to thank for where we are today.”

- Michael

"My border collie was fear aggressive and walks had become a bit of a nightmare.  After only 4 sessions with Jo, Cracker was walking happily alongside other dogs.  Jo has given me so much more confidence and Cracker and I are now really enjoying our walks together. Jo is very calm and patient I can not recommend her highly enough.”

- Linda

I was at my wits end understanding why one of my young dogs was ‘so aggressive’ in certain situations and knowing how best to manage him. In fact, walks became so stressful that I hated taking them out each day and would reward myself if all three of us got home unscathed. I just could not understand what I was doing wrong.

Finding Jo Cottrell and Dog Trouble was our lifeline. She immediately reassured me that the dog in question was defensive, not aggressive and that he was doing his best to protect his brother and myself from any situation that HE thought was potentially threatening. He reacted to ‘unbalanced energy’.

One introductory session with Jo followed by four one to one sessions saw a huge improvement in how I managed him. By our fourth session we were able to walk, off lead, amongst children, alongside football players and with cyclists and joggers – all the kind of things he saw as being ‘unbalanced energy’!

In a nutshell, Jo saved the three of us and life is now normal again since I have learnt how to manage situations and he has learnt to trust that I am the leader and can do the protection job adequately!

- Janine

We spend time observing your dog to understand and identify what is motivating them to behave in certain ways and then teach you the skills and daily routine to get you and your dogs life back on track.

Available for clients with dogs that display behaviour issues including:

  • Aggression towards humans/other dogs

  • Destructive Behaviour

  • Obsessive & Fixated Behaviour

  • Anxiety

  • Nuisance Barking

  • Pulling on the lead

  • Jumping up

  • Phobias & Fears

Consultations take between 1 – 2 hours and are conducted at the Dog Trouble Centre, Wokingham.  During the consultation dog behaviourist, Jo Cottrell, will discuss your dog’s behaviour to gain an understanding of the issues. Your dog will then be assessed with the help of the Dog Trouble Pack and a rehabilitation plan will be suggested, including the cost involved.


Included: You will be provided with:

  • An understanding of how your dog sees the world

  • What your dog really needs in order to live a balanced life

  • Practical guidance specific to your dog’s behaviour issues that will allow you to see changes in your dog’s behaviour immediately

  • An understanding of your dog’s body language and how to prevent unwanted behaviour

  • ‘Dog Basics’ Booklet

To book, please contact us today! *

Phone/Video Consultations are also available. Call 0118 979 1214 or email for more information.

Please note that we reserve the right to charge part/full payment for bookings that are cancelled at short notice. We always apply fairness and discretion on these occasions wherever possible. No provisional bookings can be accepted.

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