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Workshops & Clinics


Dog Basics Workshop

Our Dog Basics 1 day workshop is suitable for dog owners experiencing basic behaviour issues with their dog such as:

  • Recall

  • Nuisance Barking

  • Pulling on the lead

  • Jumping up


It is also suitable for owners that want to start off on the right track with their new dog. 


Dog Behaviour Workshop

Our Dog Behaviour workshop is a 2 day workshop suitable for dog owners experiencing the following behaviour issues with their dog:

  • Aggression towards humans/other dogs

  • Destructive Behaviour

  • Obsessive & Fixated Behaviour

  • Recall

  • Anxiety

  • Nuisance Barking

  • Pulling on the lead

  • Jumping up

  • Phobias & Fears


Fear and Anxiety Workshop from Pete Walker May 2022

Whilst the workshop is not cheap, we learned an awful lot of useful information in a relatively short space of time. Jo’s knowledge is very apparent, her explanations were clear and tailored to each dog, and backed up by hands-on demonstrations and practical activities. The location also works really well, and the group walk in a public place on Day 2 was a great idea (and gave us confidence that the ideas and techniques work).

Basics Workshop from Sue Englefield July 2022

The workshop was informative and helpful both in terms of theoretical and practical ideas. The theory whereby Jo explained her ideology was extremely interesting and the handout was useful to take away. Jo’s way of handling the dogs and demonstrating how to put her practical approaches into use was excellent. She took the time to help everyone and explain how each approach was appropriate to individual dogs (and owners!) and then explained how to implement these approaches into our everyday lives. There was plenty of time for all participants to have a practice under Jo’s watchful eye in a relaxed way but with clear direction. I have already started to implement these practices into Merlin’s routine and it has made a wealth of difference. Thank you, Dog Trouble, for making such a difference to how we can move forward.

Aggression Workshop from Jane Chun September 2022

Jo succeeded where other trainers failed. I can honestly say our dog and our understanding of him have been transformed.

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