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Cranky Cooper

Updated: Jun 23, 2020


I first met Cooper and their other dog Lily when I visited the Blythe Family for a ‘Dog Basics’ Consultation a while back.  After a period of time Cooper’s owners got back in touch with some concerns about Cooper’s behaviour around other dogs.  Although she seemed fine with Lily, Cooper had started to become protective of them when they were out walking and unfortunately when other dogs came up to say ‘Hi’ Cooper decided that she wasn’t in the mood and would become aggressive.It got so bad that her owners were actually really apprehensive about taking her out. 

So Cooper came to stay for Boot Camp where we discovered that she was actually quite a fearful thing and we needed to go right back to basics with building her trust and respect and then familiarising her with every day life! Cooper was certainly a tough case as not only was she fearful and aggressive but she had a really High Prey drive and as a result was obsessed with food and a tennis ball!  I tell you me and the Pack were exhausted getting her to see that it was a lot less stressful to be sociable and calm….but we got there!  Cooper is now back with her family who are working hard on a daily basis to provide her with the structure and consistent assertive leadership that she needs to keep her balanced.

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