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Collie X Cooper Needs a Home

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Cooper is a 1 yr old (approx) spayed and fully vaccinated Collie X.  I have worked with Cooper and her family to help them learn how to fulfill her needs whilst teaching her some social skills.  Although Cooper has improved a huge amount her family feel that she would be happier with someone who has the time to meet her needs and continue with her training.

Cooper needs a calm home with someone who can provide her with the assertive leadership and plenty of exercise she needs.  She currently lives with another dog but would be happier as an only dog.  Cooper is a high energy active dog and due to her breed will need to be involved in Flyball or Herding ball activities.  She loves to run, play ball and thrives on being given instruction.  Cooper is ideal for an active person who loves the outdoors and can continue with her training.  Dog Behaviour support from Jo Cottrell will be available to Cooper’s new owner to ensure Cooper has a smooth journey into her new life.

If you feel you could offer Cooper a home please call Jo Cottrell Tel: 07919 400920

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