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Candlelight Dinner Celebration with Alfie !

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

It’s always a ‘YEE HA’ moment at the point when dogs with phobias and fears make it over a hurdle and actually overcome their fear. It’s a long uphill climb working with dogs like this that takes every ounce of patience and calm energy. For Alfie who joined our pack about 3 months ago with a bundle of fears including fire flames, the cooker timer, in fact anything that clicks or crackles, it’s a continuous challenge of building his confidence, self esteem and trust and challenging him to face his fears. Today has been a BIG day for him and me as he actually came into the front room by himself, walked past the candles that were lit and went and curled up next to the sofa. That may not seem a big deal but for Alfie it was huge ! Before, he would look at me with the classic ‘Rabbit in headlights’ look and bolt upstairs or behind the sofa….anywhere that he could hide.

When dogs get anxious they go into survival mode and will either take flight, fight or submit and Alfie loves to run away and hide when he gets spooked. Every day he has become more trusting, more confident and more relaxed… is a happy day and he gets a Big Hug !

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