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Toddler seriously injured in East Sussex dog attack

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Another dog attack in the news, this time a Japanese Akita. Akita, Malamute and Husky breeds seem to be the trend these days just like Staffordshire Bull Terriers were years ago. Unfortunately the owners of these breeds that I have worked with always seem to have the same issues, that their dog is displaying aggressive and dominant behaviour. So many people select dogs because of their looks or the trend at the time but give little thought as to the needs of the breed. These breeds are strong active working dogs built for endurance and in the case of the Husky and Malamute are built for sled pulling. The Akita was and still is used for guarding due to it’s strong and courageous traits. Not knowing the details of this case regarding the Akita’s behaviour history makes it difficult to identify the cause. However all these breeds need huge amounts of exercise and strong leadership otherwise they become frustrated and dominant and that’s when you get BIG problems ! Just because they are trendy breeds to have in a house with a family does not mean that they stop needing the daily fulfillment that is Primal to their needs. My message is match your lifestyle as a family with the right breed of dog, if you are not active or very assertive don’t get these breeds !

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