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Family Fun Dog Show -3rd September 2017

Updated: Jun 9, 2020



Dog Trouble, one of the UK’s leading dog behaviour, training and wellness centres, is holding its fourth annual family fun day event at the Dog Trouble centre at Birchin Inhams Farm, Heathlands Road on Sunday 3rd September, between 10am and 4pm. Dog Trouble, based in Wokingham, educates people about dog behaviour and rehabilitates dogs with behaviour issues.

The event is being held to raise vital funds for The Dog Trouble Foundation that aims to provide on-going support and dog behaviour training to rescue centre staff and volunteers, in conjunction with behaviour rehabilitation for dogs in rescue centres who require more specific rehabilitation to improve their chances of being rehomed. The Dog Trouble Foundation also helps to educate young people and adults regarding the correct care and handling of dogs, to ensure the welfare of the dog and the safety of both the handler and the general public.

Dog Trouble Foundation Ambassador, and Strictly Come Dancing star, Flavia Cacace-Mistry and actor husband Jimi Mistry will be judging each category of the dog show throughout the day, which includes: Waggiest Tail, Top Rescue dog, Best Bad Hair Day, Like Dog like Owner. Visitors to the show will also be able to take part with their dog in the Challenge Zone, Dog Scootering and Scurry Run.

There will be food, drinks and entertainment as well as a chance to chat to Dog Trouble founder Jo Cottrell about your dog, and any behavioural issues you may be experiencing. Jo will also be leading a demonstration in dog behaviour, and sharing some easy tips for resolving everyday dog behaviour issues.

Jo Cottrell, Founder of the Dog Trouble Foundation, commented; “This popular event is in its fourth year now, and the team really look forward to the day.  I’m always so grateful for Flavia and Jimi in giving up their time to support the event and judging the dog show categories. Helping owners achieve happiness with their dogs is vital to us here at Dog Trouble. The Family Day is a great opportunity for dog owners to participate in a variety of activities with their dog and really see what their can achieve! Dog owners will also get the chance to watch my dog behaviour demonstration and pick up some basic tips to support them and their dog with common dog issues! It’s always a great day for everyone who comes along, and we work hard to make sure that the event is crammed full of fun activities to do with their dog.’ Tickets are available on the day on entry and cost £2.00 per adult, Kids and Dogs go FREE! Parking is also free and is located on the farm entrance opposite Holme Grange Craft Centre.

Please note that all owners must keep their dogs on lead at all times and pick up after their dog.  Owners wishing to discuss issues regarding extreme dog aggression must call for a separate consultation with Jo Cottrell, as this event will be busy and not suitable for a dog that needs space and individual attention.

Dog Trouble was founded in 2010 by Jo Cottrell, a trained dog behaviourist, with the ultimate goal of not only rehabilitating dogs, to provide them with a second chance in life but also to educate people and organisations working with dogs, about dog behaviour. The centre is based on the principles of achieving balance between dog and owner focusing on dog behaviour, training and wellness. Services include 1:1 consultations, puppy and dog socialisation, day care and boarding, dog grooming and workshops. Dog Trouble supports the Dog Trouble Foundation that provides on-going support and dog behaviour training to rescue centre staff and educates young people and adults regarding the correct care and handling of dogs.

Founder Jo Cottrell is available for interviews on all aspects of dog behaviour.


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