Dog Trouble in Derby

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

What a relief when you find a nice hotel that accepts dogs !  Staff at the Healds Hall Hotel in West Yorkshire made us feel really welcome….We even found time to chat about their dog issues !  Great food and red wine if you’re ever up that way !  It was a great opportunity for Freddy rehab, getting used to life outside the farm and Alfie working through his fear of noises.  With a couple of practice runs for Alfie learning not to hide when the room heater thermostat clicked it was a peaceful night!

A Pack Walk through Liversedge morning traffic gave Freddy some real challenges with his car chasing obsessions.  He’s come on loads not reacting to cars but still at times will make an effort to chase a lorry or ice cream van….who eats ice cream in Yorkshire in Winter?!! Typical that it started to rain again for our trip heading South to Derby for a consultation with Christine and her collie Jess.  Great to meet such a determined and committed owner and I’m looking forward to catching up with you both in 2 weeks for stage 2 – Get cycling, stay calm and believe that Jess can achieve anything you want her too !

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