Case Studies - Chewing

Inappropriate chewing is a fairly common problem in young dogs and dogs who are bored or anxious.  In the early stages of puppyhood a dog will use their mouth to explore their environment and chewing is part of that.  However introducing rules and boundaries is important when teaching a puppy what is on the ‘chew list’ and what is not!  If inappropriate chewing is not corrected then it can lead to your dog thinking that everything is available (including you!) and not only can this lead to your dog destroying your personal property but it can also lead to a very expensive vet bill and a dog who doesn’t respect you!  Try to provide your puppy with plenty of chew toys when they are most likely to chew during teething (Age: 3-8 weeks and 4-6 months).  Chewing will relieve the pain and inflammation in the gums during the teething process.

Adult dogs often display chewing behaviour when they are not being fulfilled with enough mental and physical exercise or when they are anxious.  So ensuring that you provide your dog with a balanced routine each day and exploring different activities that they really engage in will help your dog to rest in a calm state and not a frustrated one!

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