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What a great way to spend an afternoon!!

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Thanks to Dog Groomers: Anne Wilson, Wagtails UK; Ruth Fuller, Muckypups;  Helen Hanly, The Dog Grooming Studio; And Jessie Williams, Jessies Grooming for being such a nice bunch of people to teach !

The session showed the group how to work with fearful and aggressive dogs whilst carrying out various grooming tasks.  The main focus of the session was to show dog groomers how to create a relaxed and positive experience for dogs that are either anxious about visiting the Dog Groomers or who display mild aggression.

So many dogs become anxious about new experiences, particularly going to the dog groomers or vets.  So it is really important that we make it fun and positive for them when they are being bathed, clipped, blow dryed or even brushed!  Any experience where a dog enjoys themselves and receives a positive reward will encourage them to want to repeat the experience.   But make sure you only reward them when they are relaxed NOT when they are still shaking or growling!!

It’s a great feeling to know that 4 dog groomers will now be back out there with the skills and knowledge to work with fearful or aggressive dogs.  Hopefully now both dog and groomer will have a positive grooming experience !  I can’t wait to visit you all in action in the next couple of weeks !

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