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Risk Taking

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Woman dies following dog attack in London, England

It’s always upsetting when I hear of another dog attack in this country and in this case with a fatal outcome…. both for dog and human.  I have had a couple of enquiries over December from desperate dog owners who are stuck between a ‘Rock and a Hardplace’ following incidents where their dog has attacked them.  It’s a tough place to be trying to decide whether or not to have your dog put to sleep or whether to take a risk and trust me to rehabilitate your dog and teach you the skills that you need to prevent it happening again.  Most dog owners believe that once their dog has bitten someone that is who they are going to be forever.   Wrong!….Dogs live in the moment and will respond to the environment and energy they are experiencing  at that time.  The first question I get asked is ‘Can you guarantee that my dog will never do it again?’ and the answer I give is always the same…’No I can’t because I can not be with you and your dog everyday to ensure you are doing what I showed you.  But what I can do is show you how to fulfill your dog on a daily basis, in a way that meets their Primal needs so that they are balanced. I will also teach you to recognise the signals that your dog is giving you through its body language so that you understand how your dog is feeling.”

I spend a great deal of time with clients during consultations talking through what their dog is doing at that moment and why they are behaving in that way.  I then go through the owner’s daily routine and the issues they have, adjusting what they currently do with their dog so that they begin to fulfill them in a way that they understand.

My point is dogs can be rehabilitated, so don’t leave it until someone gets hurt before taking action.  Help yourself and your dog live a balanced happy life and give your dog that chance they deserve of proving to you that they can be balanced. Get help and contact Dog Trouble.

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