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Don’t Blame the Dog!

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

How often do you blame the dog?…..for their constant barking, chewing your new table and chairs, urinating on the carpet, lunging at another dog or to an extreme degree of attacking and biting a person? So many people will turn to their dog and blame them…for everything…without actually thinking ‘Why are they behaving like that?’ In fact when a dog’s behaviour snowballs from one issue to the next it is really just them saying ‘I’m unbalanced because you’re unbalanced…Help me!’ Quite often I get called in to help people with their dogs at the more severe last stages of a dog’s behaviour, where a dog has bitten someone or attacked another dog. Yet many dog owners will share stories of when a dogs behaviour started to go wrong, often a few years back! In addition ‘red flags’ will pop up in discussion, things like…the dog doesn’t get exercised daily, the dog sleeps on the bed and growls when asked to get off! Recognising the early stages of unbalanced behaviour as an issue and the implications of ‘letting it go’ is vital in preventing serious behaviour from occurring and in some cases from civil and legal action being taken against you and your dog. First of all it’s important to understand the mentality of dogs and how they thrive on balance through pack dynamics, calm assertive leadership and daily structure in order to be balanced and fulfilled. Dogs respect and trust leadership that is calm and confident in a language they understand- Energy, body language and scent. Humans may follow unbalanced leaders but dogs certainly won’t! So, take a good look at your life and ask yourself ‘Do I feel happy and balanced today- in Mind, Body and Spirit?’ Maybe start by being aware of how you are feeling-happy, sad, frustrated etc, then be honest and admit when you feel ‘out of sorts’ and respect your dogs needs by taking a moment to get yourself to a state where you feel calm and confident before you get home and take the dog out!

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