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  • MILK THISTLE TABLETS FOR DOGS & CATS: help maintain good liver function in your pet with Dorwest’s high-grade Milk Thistle Tablets for dogs and cats, providing natural support for the liver using whole fruit extract. High in silymarin and other active compounds
  • HELPS LIVER FUNCTION: our pets’ livers are involved in almost all body processes – Dorwest Milk Thistle helps maintain the stability of liver cells, helping to protect the liver against damage and prevent the infiltration of toxins and infectious agents
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM HEALTH: Milk Thistle acts as an antioxidant that neutralises ‘free radicals’ produced during metabolic activity – something pets’ livers do a lot of – while supporting the immune cells that are essential in fighting infections
  • NATURAL SUPPORT FOR THE LIVER & BODY: Healthy oils such as linoleic acid, flavenoids and vitamin E are all known for their antioxidant (to neutralise free radicals) and immune supportive action and all are present in the Milk Thistle fruit
  • 70 YEARS OF HERBAL PET CARE: we’ve been supporting pets’ health care since 1948 – trusted by vets and with over 70 years of expertise behind us, Dorwest Milk Thistle Tablets for dogs and cats reliably help support pets with liver disease

Milk Thistle - Liver Support

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