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  • Long-lasting: Our antlers for dogs are tough and durable natural chews available in 8 sizes for all breeds. Keep your furry friend occupied for hours with our long-lasting dog antler chews. Antlers are extremely strong and unlikely to break apart or splinter, making them a safer antler dog chew alternative to other chews.
  • 100% Natural and Cruelty-Free: Our deer antlers for dogs are 100% natural with nothing added. These antlers are sourced from free-range deer that naturally shed their antlers, making them a cruelty-free choice. We source antlers from red deer, which offer the thickest and strongest antler pieces, stronger than other types such as reindeer.
  • Dental benefits: Chewing on our deer antlers can help clean your dog's teeth and promote healthy gums. The chewing action scrapes away tartar and plaque build-up, leading to fresher breath and better dental health for your furry friend. Puppies and dogs must have their adult teeth before chewing on antlers.
  • High in nutrients: Our antlers for dogs are an excellent source of protein, minerals, and nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus. Antlers are a healthy chew that can support bone and joint health in dogs.

Medium Split Antler

SKU: 12
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