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Dog Trouble in Yorkshire

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

You know you’re up north when you start seeing Eddie Stobart trucks!  What a Monday to pick driving to Yorkshire…..It rained the whole day !  Freddy and Alfie joined us for the road trip to meet Illustrator Linda Birkinshaw and her dogs.  It’s the first long trip Freddy has done in the ‘Dog Bus’ and luckily no worries….apart from seeing my cheese roll again that he’d eaten out of my bag before we left !!

I always love watching the first ‘meet n greet’ when I introduce some of my pack to other dogs, there is so much to learn from just stepping back and watching how they interact.  It was also fab sharing dog stories with you Linda.  Thanks for the Yorkshire Tea n biccies and all the dogs for playing ball with Freddy and Alfie!  Hope the ‘visitors at the door’ training remains calm !

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