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Paddy the Cairn Terrier

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Terriers….terriers…hmm where do I begin ?!  A bit like Marmite some people love them and some people don’t…I personally think they are fabulous !  They have so much character, energy and buzz about them but sure they need assertive owners who can teach them the rules and boundaries but also provide them with what they need as a breed!  Lucky for Paddy he’s got The Whitton family to do just that!  I took Alfie along on his first Puppy Consultation and Paddy absolutely loved him and wouldn’t leave him alone !  Good ol’ Alfie stayed calm as he always is whilst Paddy constantly jumped and licked his face….The kids even got to take Alfie for a walk as well whilst learning how to walk Paddy so that he doesn’t pull them along anymore.  Kids always pick things up really quickly with dogs and I was again blown away by how assertive they were when giving Paddy a corrective touch.  He’s quite an assertive dog but started to learn how to drop his toy, how to walk on the lead, waiting calmly by the open door and not to jump up on the kids.  Stay in control kids and remember to reward him when he’s done something good!  It was great working with another lovely family who have taken the time to be responsible owners and learned the basics of how to keep their dog balanced! Enjoy every moment!

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