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Jumpin’ Jazz

Updated: Jun 23, 2020


Jazz belongs to friends of ours and came to join the Dog Trouble Pack for an extended stay about 8 months ago whilst her owners were working through a family illness.  So we took advantage of helping Jazz at the grand old age of 17 work through some of her fears and phobias.  Any crackling or crunching and Jazz would run in the other direction!  She also wasn’t that crazy about walking over a tiled, wooden or laminate floor. So myself and the Pack went about helping her get over her little  ‘issues’ so that she could go back home a more confident and happy dog.  In the video below you will see how confident she became once she realised it was only a tiled floor after all!  She is living proof that it doesn’t matter how old your dog is they can still learn new things in particular how to be a happy, balanced dog!

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