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Rescue Programme

A major goal of the Dog Trouble foundation is to help support rescue centres in the rehabilitation of dogs with behaviour issues to improve their chances of being rehomed.  Many owners seek behaviour advice for their rescue dog in the early stages of adoption due to behaviour issues becoming apparent.

Many dogs are either unbalanced when they first arrive at a rescue or as a result of being in a stressful kennel environment for long periods of time.  Either way, some dogs spend a long time in a rescue due to their behaviour issues, deeming them ‘hard to rehome’. The rescue programme can support rescue staff and volunteers in rehabilitating these dogs to enhance their chances of being adopted.

To help improve the behaviour and well being of dogs within a Rescue environment, Jo developed The Dog Trouble Foundation Rescue Programme, where Jo and the Dog Trouble team provide on-site dog behaviour training and support to staff and volunteers over 2 days.

Topics covered include:

  • Creating a calm and positive environment
  • Fulfilling a dog mentally and physically
  • Assessing a new dog
  • Dog Body Language and Energy
  • Handling dogs with behaviour issues

If you are a rescue organisation and would like further details about how to access our Rescue Programme please Email:

Rehabilitation and Rehoming Programme

This programme is for pre-owned or rescue dogs that have undergone rehabilitation and are available for adoption.  There are some cases where Dog Trouble clients realise that they are not a good match for their dog, despite their rehabilitation and ask if we can help to rehome their dog.  Dog Trouble will provide an induction programme and support to potential owners of dogs being rehomed under this programme, which is the best support you will ever get compared to other organisations!  This programme is about matching the right dog with the right owner and giving dogs with behaviour issues a happy forever home!

Current Dogs for Rehoming

Name: Sammy
Age: Approx 6 months
Breed: Spaniel mix

History: Sammy is a 6 month old, non castrated, Spaniel mix from the Kalamaki Dog Aid programme.  Jo was feeding Sammy as a stray with his mum and siblings for a few weeks and with the support of Zante strays managed to rescue them for rehoming.  Sammy was extremely timid at first which is why he has not yet been castrated but is growing in confidence!  He needs to be with another dog as he looks to them for guidance and support.  Sammy loves his walks and is learning basic commands very well, including recall.  With clear rules and boundaries and the guidance of another dog Sammy is a loving gentle soul.

Likes: Calm environment and being with other dogs and people.  He loves being with Dolly!

Dislikes: Over excited energy and busy households

To meet Sammy and see if you are the right match for him please Email or call 01189791214.

Dolly and Sammy

Name: Dolly (pictured on the left)
Age: Approx 9 years old
Breed: English Setter Mix

History: Dolly is a stray from the Kalamaki Dog Aid programme.  She was dumped probably due to her age/health and was taken in by Zante Strays. Dolly is currently living at Dog Trouble as she had some health issues when she arrived from Zakynthos, Greece.  Dolly is susceptible to conjunctivitis as she has typically droopy eyes!  She also has a heart murmur but is very happy and healthy otherwise.  Dolly is spayed and at her ideal weight now.  Dolly loves everything- dogs, people, kids and would be quite happy living with an older person who is physically able to walk her but does not live a hectic life!  She does have a very high Prey drive as she has been used for hunting in Zakynthos, therefore her recall is developing but will need to be kept on lead and worked on a long line until her recall is reliable.

Likes: Being out in the garden looking for birds and sleeping in her dog bed which she has just discovered is very cosy!

Dislikes: None really but will chase and hunt cats, birds, rabbits etc

To meet Dolly and see if you are the right match for her please Email or call 01189791214.

Success Stories:  Buddy

During a visit to Appledown Rescue Centre in Bedfordshire in 2014, Jo ‘adopted’ a young homeless dog called Buddy on behalf of the Foundation.

Buddy was originally found with a couple of siblings in a ditch and was fearful to the point of almost being unable to function at all without pooing/weeing himself.

As soon as she saw him, Jo knew that no one would be able to help this dog better than her own pack of balanced dogs who could teach him how to trust, relax and become a dog again.

So, back Buddy came to the Dog Trouble Centre where he was immersed in the day to day life at Dog Trouble and where he lives happily now enjoying his daily pack walks, running and play time in the paddock with the rest of Jo’s pack.

Watch the start of Buddy’s story and see how happy he now is in these two videos.

Meeting Buddy for the first time:

… and here he is at the Centre playing with his pal Bailey:

If you would like to make a Rescue Centre Programme application please Contact Us Today!

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