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Our Rescue Programme

A major goal of the Dog Trouble foundation is to help support rescue centres in the rehabilitation of dogs with behaviour issues to improve their chances of being rehomed.

Many dogs are either unbalanced when they first arrive at a rescue or as a result of being in a stressful kennel environment for long periods of time.  Either way, many owners seek behaviour advice for their rescue dog in the early stages of adoption.

To help improve the behaviour and well being of dogs within a Rescue environment, Jo developed The Dog Trouble Foundation Rescue Programme, where Jo and the Dog Trouble team provide on-site dog behaviour training and support to staff and volunteers over 2 days.

Topics covered include:

  • Creating a calm and positive environment
  • Fulfilling a dog mentally and physically
  • Assessing a new dog
  • Dog Body Language and Energy
  • Handling dogs with behaviour issues

Occasionally, the Foundation will also consider rehabilitating and rehoming dogs where for various reasons, it is agreed that the dog would benefit and thrive being with the Dog Trouble Pack and/or rehoming. So far, we have successfully worked with both Binfield Dog Rescue in Billingbear and also with Appledown in Dunstable, which is where our first Foundation rescue and rehab dog, Buddy, came from. You can see more of Buddy’s story below.

Current Dogs for Rehoming

Name: Palmer – NOW ADOPTED by the mum of one of the Dog Trouble Centre team!
Age: 6 years
Breed: English Springer Spaniel

History: Palmer is a 6 year old, spayed, female English Springer Spaniel – her birthday is 15 August 2012. She has been in the same family from 10 weeks old. Her owners have young children and another very active Springer and the two dogs are not a good match. Athough there have never been any issues between the dogs, Palmer finds the situation with young children and a very active dog very unsettling.

Palmer is very intelligent. She is a very loving dog and very sweet. She is a great companion though is fine doing her own independent thing as well. She loves going for long walks, playing fetch or just sitting by your side. She loves to swim, and is a calm dog and does not need as much exercise as a normal Springer. She interacts well with other dogs and older children (10+). She has lived in both apartments and homes and has taken well to farm life, so someone in a rural environment would be a good match as well.

Palmer is well trained and knows all the basic commands and has good recall. She can get possessive with toys from time to time, so the owners stopped giving her toys as she doesn’t miss them when she doesn’t have them.

Email or call 01189791214 for further details.

Success Stories:  Buddy

During a visit to Appledown Rescue Centre in Bedfordshire in 2014, Jo ‘adopted’ a young homeless dog called Buddy on behalf of the Foundation.

Buddy was originally found with a couple of siblings in a ditch and was fearful to the point of almost being unable to function at all without pooing/weeing himself.

As soon as she saw him, Jo knew that no one would be able to help this dog better than her own pack of balanced dogs who could teach him how to trust, relax and become a dog again.

So, back Buddy came to the Dog Centre where he was immersed in the day to day life at Dog Trouble and where he lives happily now enjoying his daily pack walks, running and play time in the paddock with the rest of Jo’s pack.

If you would like to make a Rescue Centre Programme application please Contact Us Today!

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