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Rehabilitation and Rehoming Programme

This programme is for pre-owned or rescue dogs that have undergone rehabilitation and are available for adoption.  There are some cases where Dog Trouble clients realise that they are not a good match for their dog, despite their rehabilitation and ask if we can help to rehome their dog.  Dog Trouble also rescues dogs from Zakynthos, Greece in collaboration with Zante Strays, selecting dogs that need rehabilitation to improve their chances of being adopted.  Dog Trouble provide an induction programme and support to potential owners of dogs being rehomed under this programme, which is the best support you will ever get compared to other organisations!  This programme focuses on matching the right dog with the right owner to ensure a successful adoption and a happy forever home!

Current Dogs for Rehoming

Age: approx 10 yrs
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

History: Lily is one of our older dogs. She can be reactive around other dogs but she’s easily managed. She needs a home where there are no other dogs nor cats. She doesn’t need long walks because she’s older now and a bit deaf and her eyesight isn’t great, so she just likes chilling out and relaxing indoors. She’s a beautiful little girl who deserves to find a loving home where she can live out her life. Whoever adopts her will get support and coaching from Dog Trouble.

Likes: The sunshine, being in a home!

Dislikes: Reactive dogs

To meet Lily and see if you are the right match for her please Email or call 01189791214.

Name: Teddy
Age: Born March 2017
Breed: Collie X Zante Special!

History: Teddy (formerly ‘Donut’) had been with Zante Strays since a puppy and became very shut down in the shelter as he is a sensitive chap that just needed some peace and quiet and some direction to build his confidence!  He is now at Dog Trouble getting some rehabilitation to build his confidence.  He is the most loving dog once he trusts you and has the most amazing ‘Pack Drive’ -desire to follow.  He is very gentle and would be a great dog to live with another gentle dog that could guide him along.  Honestly he will be the easiest dog ever he just needs you to be patient and give him time and space, then he will follow you all day long!

Likes: Other dogs, calm energy

Dislikes: Sudden movement, loud noise

To meet Teddy and see if you are the right match for him please Email or call 01189791214.

Name: Abigail (now Josie) RESERVED
Age: Born December 2015
Breed: Setter X

History: Abigail was found in the mountains in Zakynthos very weak and underweight.  she has been with Zante Strays for a while which is crazy as she is the sweetest most gentle dog with a BIG heart.  Her confidence is growing around people, she will happily follow you off lead and every now and then just touch her nose on your hand! Abigail is actually quite playful with other dogs but in a gentle way.  Abigail needs someone who can take her to lots of new places to build her confidence and she needs to be in a home that is fairly calm preferably with another dog but not essential.  She is adorable and anyone who meets her will fall in love with her!

Likes: The sunshine and laying by your side being stroked!

Dislikes: Sudden noises

To meet Abigail and see if you are the right match for her please Email or call 01189791214.

Name: Dylan
Age: Born March 2016
Breed: Labrador X

History: Dylan and his sister were found as puppies in a field in Agios Sostis.  They were taken into foster care but nobody seemed to want Dylan, so he has been with Zante Strays since 2016.  Dylan gradually became very insecure in the rescue environment so Jo selected him to be brought over for rehabilitation at Dog Trouble.  Just after 4 days Dylan became a happier ‘normal’ dog! His confidence is growing around people and HE loves to say ‘Good Morning’ to you with a face lick!  Dylan truly is the most loving dog who is so joyful being around the dogs.  He works his way around the Dog Trouble Pack saying ‘Hello’ with a face lick and checking in with each of them.  Dylan has moments of feeling anxious if he hears a noise or there is a sudden movement but is quick to bounce back and gain direction from you.  He needs someone who has the time to help build his confidence and take him to different places exposing him to overcome his challenges of coping with ‘life’.  Dylan would really benefit from being with another dog if possible or having daily exposure to dogs as he ‘follows’ their direction.  He is a true sweetheart with a big heart and deserves a loving home!

Likes: To play with other dogs, calm energy.

Dislikes: Sudden noises/movement

To meet Dylan and see if you are the right match for him please Email or call 01189791214.

Name: Tess
Age: Born July 2015
Breed: German Shepherd

History: Tess joined the Dog Trouble Pack as her owners felt they were not able to handle her and she would be happier living with someone else.  Tess like most GSD’s has a high Prey Drive-a desire to hunt, chase, play.  Her excitement can cause her to react to other dogs if she feels challenged by them, however she has responded very well to Remote Collar Training and will recall well.  She is an assertive female and will not get along with other assertive female dogs.  However she does interact well with some of my Pack, mainly the boys!  Tess really deserves a home with someone who has experience of handling a reactive GSD, I know there is someone out there who could give her the calm assertive direction that she responds so well to!  Tess has not had much experience with children and can be reactive to them so would be best in a home without children.

Likes: Dog Agility, Boomer Ball (football), Swimming, Running, Search & Find working her brain!

Dislikes: People who stare at her initially as it makes her feel insecure. Assertive/reactive dogs

If you feel you have the experience to give Tess a home and see if you are the right match for her please Email or call 01189791214.

Name: Lucky
Age: Born November 2018
Breed: Pointer X

History:  Lucky was found in a bin by one of Zante strays volunteers. When he took him out of the bin he saw that Lucky was very thin. He took him straight to the vet where he got treatment right away and look at him now! He looks like a brand new boy! He is great with other dogs, kids, cats and chickens.  Lucky is a lively puppy and would suit an active family/person.  You would need to commit to puppy training with Lucky to teach him the basics but he is already walking well on a lead.  He truly is a beautiful boy and will grow to be a medium/large sized dog.

Likes: Everything!

Dislikes: Nothing so far!

To meet Lucky and see if you are the right match for him please Email or call 01189791214.

Name: Charlie REHOMED
Age: Approximately 2 years

History: Charlie is a Zakynthos rescue dog. He was found in the pouring rain hunting for food around the bins. He’s approximately 2 yrs old and is great with other dogs, kids. He walks well on a lead and travels beautifully in the car!



To meet Charlie and see if you are the right match for him please Email or call 01189791214.

Name: Freya REHOMED
Age: Born January 2019
Breed: Lurcher

History:  Freya was brought to us having been found locally as a stray.  She is a fun dog and is growing very quickly!  She loves being around other dogs and people and is walking very well on a lead.  Freya has been fostered by one of the Dog Trouble staff so is used to being in a family around kids and another dog.  She loves the companionship of another dog and would suit living with a family/person who has the time to commit to continuing her puppy training.  She truly is a beautiful girl and will grow to be a tall glamorous lurcher!

Likes: Playing and of course sun bathing!

Dislikes: The rain and cold!

To meet Freya and see if you are the right match for her please Email or call 01189791214.

Name: Nick REHOMED
Age: Born July 2017
Breed: GSD X

History: Nick had been with Zante Strays since a puppy.  He has been at Dog Trouble to build his confidence and is fantastic around dogs and people.  He is the most loving gentle dog who would be a great companion.  He could live with a family or couple, with or without another dog.  Honestly, he will be the easiest dog ever he just needs you to be gentle and give him the stability he needs to feel safe!

Likes: Other dogs, calm energy, sun bathing!

Dislikes: He has been around cats but will chase cats that are nervous.

To meet Nick and see if you are the right match for him please Email or call 01189791214.

Happy Endings

These are the dogs that have been successfully rehomed, either from clients who, for various reasons, have been unable to keep their dog and Dog Trouble have agreed to help rehome them, or they are street dogs who struggled to cope with their situation on Zakynthos, and who have been brought over under the Kalamaki Dog Aid programme.

Please help us continue our rehoming work by sending us a donation. You can donate to: Dog Trouble Foundation to support all our work, or help the Foundation’s work with sterilisation and rescue of street dogs under our Kalamaki Dog Aid programme.

Success Stories:  Buddy

During a visit to Appledown Rescue Centre in Bedfordshire in 2014, Jo ‘adopted’ a young homeless dog called Buddy on behalf of the Foundation.

Buddy was originally found with a couple of siblings in a ditch and was fearful to the point of almost being unable to function at all without pooing/weeing himself.

As soon as she saw him, Jo knew that no one would be able to help this dog better than her own pack of balanced dogs who could teach him how to trust, relax and become a dog again.

So, back Buddy came to the Dog Trouble Centre where he was immersed in the day to day life at Dog Trouble and where he lives happily now enjoying his daily pack walks, running and play time in the paddock with the rest of Jo’s pack.

Watch the start of Buddy’s story and see how happy he now is in these two videos.

Meeting Buddy for the first time:

… and here he is at the Centre playing with his pal Bailey:

Rescue Programme

A major goal of the Dog Trouble foundation is to help support rescue centres in the rehabilitation of dogs with behaviour issues to improve their chances of being rehomed.  Many owners seek behaviour advice for their rescue dog in the early stages of adoption due to behaviour issues becoming apparent.

Many dogs are either unbalanced when they first arrive at a rescue or as a result of being in a stressful kennel environment for long periods of time.  Either way, some dogs spend a long time in a rescue due to their behaviour issues, deeming them ‘hard to rehome’. The rescue programme can support rescue staff and volunteers in rehabilitating these dogs to enhance their chances of being adopted.

To help improve the behaviour and well being of dogs within a Rescue environment, Jo developed The Dog Trouble Foundation Rescue Programme, where Jo and the Dog Trouble team provide on-site dog behaviour training and support to staff and volunteers over 2 days.

Topics covered include:

  • Creating a calm and positive environment
  • Fulfilling a dog mentally and physically
  • Assessing a new dog
  • Dog Body Language and Energy
  • Handling dogs with behaviour issues

If you are a rescue organisation and would like further details about how to access our Rescue Programme please Email:

If you would like to make a Rescue Centre Programme application please Contact Us Today!

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