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Puppy Classes

Our Puppy Classes are designed to help the handler learn the skills and techniques required in achieving balance with their dog, in addition to building a dogs social skills with other dogs in a safe, positive environment. Classes cover fundamentals such as:

Body Language

Understanding body language will help you to recognise how a dog is feeling. This is useful when deciding which dogs to let yours socialise with and also helps you to understand how your dog is feeling in new or challenging situations.

Leader follower

Leader follower work is one of the most important activities that we do with dogs as it helps to build a relationship between owner and dog. It is the foundation of recall, loose lead walking and place work.

Lead Walking

Walking your dog is essential and should be an enjoyable experience. When you learn how to walk your dog on a relaxed lead you will be more relaxed on walks which in turn will ensure a calm happy dog.

Crate Training

Crates are a great way of creating a relaxed, safe area where your dog can rest and learn to be apart from you. In class we will be going through the different types of crates and how to ensure your dog views a crate as a positive place to be.

Basic Commands

You will be shown how to teach the basic commands; sit, down, stay, and how to motivate your dog to want to comply.

Food and Nutrition

A healthy balanced diet is of paramount importance and the affects of diet on dog behaviour will be explained.

Health Checks and Touch Work

It is important that your dog is comfortable being touched and handled. We will look at ways to keep dogs calm and relaxed while we check their teeth, ears, feet and overall health.

Safe Play – Toys

We will look at different toys available and the best types of  play activities suited to your dogs interests and breed to ensure that your dog is mentally fulfilled without becoming over excited! We will also look at ways of avoiding your dog becoming too possessive or obsessive with toys, and discuss how to control prey drive in certain breeds.

Safe Play – Dogs

We will look at what is acceptable play between dogs and discuss how to determine the level of intensity and control to prevent potential confrontation or fights.

How to deal with New Situations

We will practice taking your dog to new environments and exposing them to new sounds, objects and activities to ensure they become socialised in a variety of situations.

Puppy Classes

Our Puppy Classes will resume on Saturday 27th June and are held each Saturday (term time only) from 10.00am-11.00am

Classes last 1 hour and cost £15 per dog per session (including a maximum of two handlers). Owners are welcome to attend as few or as many sessions as they like. Please book your place by contacting us below:

Call us on: +44 (0)118 9791214
E-Mail: info@dogtrouble.co.uk

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