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Using Essential Oils and Herbs to support your dog’s health

Animals have been self selecting their medicine in their natural environment for decades.  You will notice this when your dog chooses to eat grass or natural herbs/plants.  Natural medicine can alleviate much unnecessary suffering and save lives, while simultaneously providing us with information about their health and well being. They are able to recognise herbs and plants as medicines, while also being able to regulate their dosage.


This Seminar gives Dog owners an insight in to how you can support a dog’s health and well being through the use of Essential Oils and Herbs.  The Seminar includes a presentation and practical demonstration and is designed for anyone who has an interest in learning about alternative therapies.


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Raw Feeding for Dogs


For dog owners who want to gain further knowledge and understanding about the benefits of feeding a raw diet to dogs.  Each attendee will receive a ‘Raw Food Diet Starter Pack’.

The Seminar includes:

  • How to start your dog on raw food
  • The importance of Chinese Medicine when designing your dog’s diet
  • Using a raw food diet to help support your dog’s health and well being
  • The physical, physiological and psychological benefits of feeding a raw food diet


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