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We are passionate about the health and well being of the dogs in our care, which is why we are constantly sharing what we learn to keep your dog happy and healthy! The following is a variety of dog related resources and information that we practice at Dog Trouble and would like to share with you, so that together we can change dog’s lives for the better!

Dog Health and Nutrition

What a dog eats is directly linked to how a dog feels and in turn behaves.  It’s not rocket science to understand that if you feed your dog poor quality food that is not designed for dogs (carnivores) a dog’s health and behaviour will suffer.  For many years we have been brain-washed with amazing marketing by pharmaceutical dog food companies to believe that dogs should eat a dry (kibble) based diet, that is actually full of carbohydrates and sugar!  Thankfully after huge amounts of research, people were reminded that dogs are carnivores and thus eat meat, in addition to small amounts of plant/herbs.  Since 2010 raw food diets that actually provide dogs with the ancestral diet they naturally eat have become adopted by many dog owners who have listened to the research and applied common sense!  As a result more dogs on a raw food diet are experiencing better health predominantly because they are not eating a processed carbohydrate based diet.

For further information about dog nutrition and the link to cancer in dogs watch this amazing Dog Cancer Series.

Here is just an example of what we do to help guide you through feeding your dog:  Dog Feeding Guide 2016

Enjoying a bone

Titre Testing

Here at Dog Trouble, we believe in the importance of natural health and wellbeing for dogs, avoiding exposing dogs to unnecessary toxins wherever possible.  This is why we support natural raw feeding and the use of titre testing for dogs to prevent unnecessary overuse of vaccinations.

Read our Titre Testing Guide for further information Titre Testing.

Providing your dog with a Chemical Free Life

At Dog Trouble we are passionate about not exposing dogs to unnecessary toxins/chemicals which contribute to a variety of medical conditions, diseases and behaviour issues.  There are a number of chemicals and toxins within our environment that both we and our dogs are exposed to on a daily basis.  However with knowledge gained from research and from actually observing your pets, exposure can be reduced within your dog’s environment and lifestyle. Start today Providing your dog with a chemical free life.

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