Bella at Boot Camp

//Bella at Boot Camp

Bella was rescued by her owner a couple of months ago after spending 2 years in a Rescue Centre.  Unfortunately she started to show aggressive behaviour towards other dogs whilst out on walks.  It even got so bad that her owner had to resort to walking her at night!  Dog Trouble were called in to help when her owner had tried everything with no success.

You can follow Bella’s progress over the next two weeks to see how she gets on at Boot Camp.

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Jo is certified in Canine Psychology and has completed the ‘Training Cesar’s Way’ certified course with Internationally recognised Cesar Millan, Cherie Lucas, Brian Agnew and Martin Deeley. Jo also has a BA Hons (Qualified Teacher Status) degree. Jo brings a wealth of knowledge combining her experience as a teacher, educating young people and adults, alongside rehabilitating dogs.