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Gender: Female

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Age: 6 years

History: Poppet was a client a few years previous to her coming to live with the Dog Trouble Pack and due to her family having a baby they felt it was safer for her to live with us.  Poppet loves the water and coming out on coaching sessions with other dog clients, she is amazing at getting dogs to play!

Likes: Swimming,  running on the farm, playing with Frank and anyone who wants to play with her!

Issues: Poppet can get grumpy in the evenings when she is in her bed and you go to touch her but it usually coincides with an ear infection starting to occur.  Hence why it is important to look at your dog’s health in relation to their behaviour!

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Gender: Male

Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 4 years

History: Frank was a client and underwent behaviour rehabilitation however his owners decided that they thought he would be happier living with the Dog Trouble Pack whom he trusted and felt calm and happy being around.   Frank loves playing in the water and hanging out with the Pack.

Likes: Swimming,  Playing with Poppet and being around energy that he trusts.

Issues: Being a French Bulldog he is very ‘visual’ and will chase anything that moves.  Frank can be a bit of a referee when he thinks dogs are being too energetic and will tell them off!

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Gender: Male

Breed: Lurcher

Age: 11 years

History: Bentley came to Dog Trouble from Binfield Dog Rescue.  I spotted Bentley in his kennel during one of our Rescue visits, where we go in and help advise centres about dog behaviour and work with some of the tougher cases they have in their care.  The first thing that struck me about Bentley was his great energy, he was so calm and respectful amongst chaos and I knew he would be a great addition to the Dog Trouble Pack helping teach other dogs. In true lurcher style when he arrived he did a few sprints around the paddock, then went and sunbathed with the others!

Likes: Sunbathing.  Playing.  Giving a calm, ‘welcome’ to dogs.

Issues: Being a lurcher he has a high Prey drive and sometimes will ‘mouth’ dogs when he’s running alongside them playing.

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Gender: Male

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Age: 1 year

History: Bear is the only Pedigree dog I have ever owned!  After losing Auste my black labrador last year I really wanted to find another one that I could train from a puppy.  So after spending a week Sheepdog training with Katy Cropper she announced that her dog was having puppies soon and was I interested….so a few months later I came back with Bear!

Likes: Loves life! Swimming, retrieving and playing with Ollie!

Issues: None….yet!

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Gender: Female

Breed: Terrier x Chihuahua

Age: Approx 4 years

History: Pixie was brought over from Zante Strays in Greece. She was very nervous and reluctant to approach people.

Likes: She loves playing with the pack, particularly Ernie and Thea.  Now that Pixie has become more confident she loves a bed by the radiator or even a sneeky cuddle on the sofa under a blanket!

Issues: Pixie is getting better at coping with sudden movement and new places and her confidence continues to grow.

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Gender: Male

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Age: 12 years

History: He spent 3 months in The Dogs Trust, Newbury. Freddy was reactive to some people and obviously learned to react with a ‘fight’ response. Due to this he came to us with typical ‘Little Dog’ syndrome!  We call him ‘The Referee’ as he keeps the pack in order when they get too playful by barking at them and standing in between them!

Likes: He loves running and for a dog with short legs he’s fast! Freddy loves playing ball and sleeping under a blanket.

Issues: Freddy is an assertive dog that needs rules and boundaries! He needs a bit of space when he first meets people and once he respects you he’s a real character! Obviously being a Terrier squeeky toys are a no go!

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Gender: Female

Breed:French Bulldog

Age: 8 years

History: Nelly was a Boot Camp dog where her owner felt it was best if she stayed at Dog Trouble as it was the wrong match between owner and dog.  She is a real character, great dog!

Likes:  Playing with the boys! Tummy rubs and playing ball

Dislikes:  Unstable energy!

Issues:  Being a Frenchie everything is ‘Eyes and Ears!’  So she gets fixated on anything that moves, which used to be your feet when she first arrived!  You have to be calm when correcting Nelly as she can re-direct on you.

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Gender: Male

Breed: American Bulldog/Boxer Cross

Age: 11 years

History: Jack is an ex boot camp dog who ended up staying at Dog Trouble due to a change in circumstances with his owners.  Jack now has 3 legs after he ruptured his achilles tendon.

Likes: Playing ball, sunbathing and cuddles

Dislikes: Overexcited, disrespectful dogs and people who are too eager to make friends!

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Gender: Male

Breed: Pointer/Spaniel

Age: 8 yrs

History: Buddy was resident at Appledown Kennels, one of our Dog Trouble Foundation Rescue programme recipients. They were concerned about his stress levels and asked us to consider accepting him on our rehabilitation programme.

Likes: Buddy loves his runs in the morning with the gang. He feels ‘at home’ when he’s with the Dog Trouble Pack.

Dislikes New environments, particularly busy places; Loud noises and sudden movement.

Issues: Buddy was a typical example of a dog who had been bred and raised in a poor environment, then dumped along with his siblings. A clear lack of early socialisation meant that Buddy was frightened of ‘life’ and had adopted the flight/avoidance behaviour to survive. Buddy has been at Dog Trouble for nearly 4 years now and has got more confident with ‘life’. He still goes into ‘flight’ when approached by people he doesn’t know but has learned to trust the Dog Trouble team.

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Gender: Female

Breed: Lurcher Cross

Age: 5 years

History: Ruby was originally having been found abandoned on the roadside in Zakynthos, Greece at 12 weeks old. After raising enough money to fly her back to the UK, Ruby is proving to be an energetic, fun, cheeky girl who loves following in the footsteps of the other Dog Trouble dogs!

Likes: Playing with Bentley and playing with her monkey toy!

Issues: Jumping up, chasing birds.

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Gender: Male

Breed: Tibetan terrier

Age: 6 years

History: Ernie first came to Dog Trouble after his owner felt Jo and the Pack would be a more suitable place for him.  Ernie had lovely energy around other dogs and people and he soon became a valuable member of Jo’s pack. We call him ‘Mr Needy’ as he loves attention!

Likes: Playing with Ruby, Thea and Pixie.  Ernie loves a lie in and is the last of the pack to leave his bed in the morning!

Dislikes:  The cold and rain!

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Gender: Male

Breed: Spaniel

Age: 5 years

History: Milo’s owner contacted us because he had bitten her numerous times when she went to handle him.

Likes: Wherever there is water Milo will be swimming! He also loves being in the house chewing an antler!

Dislikes: Unbalanced energy!

Issues: When I first met him at around 14 months old, it was pretty obvious that Milo was a poorly bred dog. His walking/running gait was completely out of balance, often ‘fish tailing’ when he ran and progressively limping on his front leg and skipping on his back legs. He was also extremely hyperactive and would often go into a ‘panic’ when having a lead put on or if anyone tried to handle his feet/legs. So, Milo came into our care permanently and is now undergoing veterinary orthopaedic assessment at Fitzpatrick referrals, as it was clear to me he is in constant discomfort and pain which is contributing to his aggressive behaviour.

Trust has been a big issue for Milo, due to his pain level from his orthopaedic issues, so by staying calm and doing ‘touch’ work with him he has started to trust people more.

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Gender: Female

Breed: Spaniel mix

Age: 4 years

History: Thea was one of Doris’s litter found living in a field in Kalamaki, Zakynthos.

Likes: Something to carry in her mouth- Socks, Plastic bottle…..anything! She loves playing with Ernie and Pixie and her mum Doris. ‘Chase’ is her favourite game!

Dislikes: Travelling in the car!

Issues: Although Thea had spent the first 5 months of her life living in a field in Kalamaki she was quite ferrel- nervous, barking and often taking flight when approached. By staying calm and doing ‘touch’ work with her she now is the happiest dog ever! We say that she often walks about with a big smile on her face!  She will often give a little bark to alert everyone when someone is approaching.

Travelling in the car is the biggest issue for Thea as she gets incredibly car sick so we are trying a variety of essential oils which seem to be helping with her motion sickness.

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Gender: Female

Breed: Spaniel mix

Age: Approx 5 yrs

History: I first saw Doris limping about in a field with 5 of her puppies in Kalamaki, Zakynthos.  She was living under a hedge and would slowly creep out as I approached with food and water each day.  Gradually she started to trust me and would take food from my hand but her 5 month old puppies were really nervous and would only come out for food when I moved away from them. My friend Toni from S.O.S kept an eye on them and then managed to get a lead on her and fostered her until she was transported across to the UK.  Sarah Girling at Fitzpatricks Referrals kindly assessed her and found that she had a fractured elbow and a fractured pelvis that had happened some time ago, possibly from a road traffic accident.  So with a broken body, living in a field and giving birth to 5 puppies, Doris is one tough chick with an amazing spiritual energy!

Likes: Peace and quiet, affection and playing with her daughter Thea!

Dislikes: Loud noise/sudden movement and traffic!

Issues: Doris’s only issue is her fear of traffic, quite understandable after her experience of cars!

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Gender: Male

Breed: Chocolate collie cross!

Age: approx 3 yrs

History: Ollie had been living on the streets of Kalamaki, Zakynthos for about 1 1/2 years when he started to hang around with my friends dogs at their villa.  He would follow me when I took my Greek Pack out walking every day, never confident enough to approach me directly but just following along behind.  It was difficult to work out whether he was sociable with people as he had ‘funny eyes’ but in fact when I lived out there for a month last year it became apparent that he just didn’t trust humans due to how he was treated!  Ollie is a very ‘Spiritual dog’  with amazing energy and a very high Pack Drive which makes him a great addition to my pack in helping other dogs become balanced.  We call him ‘The Gatekeeper’ as he loves to lay by the door in the summer and keep watch outside.  He is the most loving, happy dog now that he has a place to call his home!

Likes: Following the pack and me!  Bear is his best mate!

Dislikes: Being on his own

Issues: Barking when he can’t be with the Pack and car sickness!

You can see more images in our ‘Meet the Pack’ image gallery.

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