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Becky Maul

Centre Manager

 About: After spending a few years in retail management, I was looking for a complete change in career to start doing something I really enjoyed everyday. For me, that was working with dogs. I heard of Dog Trouble through fellow dog owners who encouraged me to read up about the work that Jo does. Once I did, I knew it would be the perfect environment to work in so got in touch and after meeting the team, I was offered a full time position.

Since starting in 2016, I have learnt so much about mindfulness and how important it is to stay calm and respectful in order to have a balanced relationship with your dog. Everyday I continue to learn and I enjoy being taught the most effective ways to respond to various dog behaviours. I am even noticing a huge improvement with my own dog at home!

No two days are the same at Dog Trouble and I love that we see so many dogs, no matter what shape or size, learn and grow with us everyday – and their owners too!

Emma Smith

Office Manager

About:  After working 9 years in the motor trade I wanted a new challenge within a completely different environment and thats when I saw the Office Manager role available.  I’ve always loved dogs but am unable to have one of my own.  My parents used to be Guide Dog Puppy walkers, so I have had the chance to learn the basics in how to care for dogs.  I love meeting new people and helping to reassure them that we can work alongside them in achieving a balanced life with their dog.  Being part of a great team is probably the best thing about my job!

Josh Cowan

Centre Assistant

About: It had always been a dream of mine to get a job working with animals, after going from office job – office job, I knew I wanted to pursue a career that I would love.  After having 3 dogs of my own, I thought of no better place to work than Dog Trouble…and it did not disappoint! There is so much to learn from working with such intelligent animals on a daily basis, it makes working at Dog Trouble truly enjoyable!

Alice Robbins

Centre Assistant

 About:  I started volunteering at Dog Trouble in 2014 for my Duke of Edinburgh Award.  Since then I became a full time Centre Assistant in 2017 during my Gap year.  I will be starting University in 2018 studying Countryside and Environmental Management.  I have 3 dogs and have valued learning how to train them to become more respectful and also trustworthy on my family Pheasant farm.  I am particularly proud of the work I have carried out with my dog Teal on controlling her Prey Drive around the pheasants!

I love the challenge of working with a variety of dogs and behaviour issues at Dog Trouble and am constantly learning on a daily basis!

Neil Bickers

Centre Assistant and Maintenance


Kelsey Baldwin

Part -Time Centre Assistant


Matt Hall

Part -Time Centre Assistant


Jade Lander

Part -Time Centre Assistant


Fran Wyborn

Dog Health & Welfare Assistant

About:  After many years of working in the ‘Care’ industry I decided that it was time to have a change and having owned my own dogs, I jumped at the chance of working at Dog Trouble.  Being part of a team has been one of the great aspects of the job, in addition to learning about Dog Health and Nutrition.  It was only a few weeks into the job that I started feeding my dogs a raw food diet and I saw such a huge improvement in their overall heath and well being.  Working at Dog Trouble has also enabled me to practice my animal photography which is one of my greatest hobbies!

Denise Tull

Finance Manager

About: I have been working for Jo for about five years now and my Terrier Cross, Amber has regularly boarded at Dog Trouble. The great advantage of this is that Amber has become better socialised as a result of her time spent at the centre and I have gained so much support and knowledge about caring for my dog including successfully switching her to raw feeding which has greatly improved her overall health and fitness.

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