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Drop In Clinics are held at the Dog Trouble Centre once a month – usually the first weekend of the month – from 11am to 1pm.

The purpose of these clinics is to provide an easy access facility where dog owners can drop in with their dog to discuss any particular behavioural issues they are having difficulties with.  Jo and her team will be available to demonstrate the fundamentals in building a relationship with your dog, as well as to offer practical advice and support.

While the intention will be for clients to go away better equipped to understand their dog, there are no quick fixes, and any clients with dogs exhibiting specific behavioural issues may also be advised to book a consultation.

Sessions cost £20 per dog.

To find out more, call or email today:

E-mail: info@dogtrouble.co.uk
Tel: 01189 791214

Forthcoming Sessions 2017

January7th11am to 1pm
February4th11am to 1pm
March4th11am to 1pm
April1st 11am to 1pm
June3rd11am to 1pm
Aug5th11am to 1pm
Sept2nd11am to 1pm
November4th11am to 1pm
December2nd11am to 1pm