Gender: Male

Breed: Lurcher

Age: 7 years

History: Bentley came to Dog Trouble from Binfield Dog Rescue.  I spotted Bentley in his kennel during one of our Rescue visits, where we go in and help advise centres about dog behaviour and work with some of the tougher cases they have in their care.  The first thing that struck me about Bentley was his great energy, he was so calm and respectful amongst chaos and I knew he would be a great addition to the Dog Trouble Pack helping teach other dogs. In true lurcher style when he arrived he did a few sprints around the paddock, then went and sunbathed with the others!

Likes: Sunbathing.  Playing.  Giving a calm, ‘welcome’ to dogs.

Issues: Being a lurcher he has a high Prey drive and sometimes will ‘mouth’ dogs when he’s running alongside them playing.

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Gender: Male

Breed: Springer Spaniel

Age: 12 years

History: Owned from a puppy by a family who decided that he would be happier living with the Dog Trouble Pack.  Alfie has the best energy I have ever seen in a dog and I’ll often refer to him as ‘bombproof!’  He will often come and sit next to me whilst I’m working with a dog in rehab or even hop on the treadmill with them, just to give them that reassurance that everything will be ok.

Likes: Loves his exercise, swimming, playing ball and being a Springer Sniffer !

Issues: Loud Noises eg cooker timer, thunderstorms.

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Gender: Male

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Age: 7 years

History: He spent 3 months in The Dogs Trust Newbury Centre. Freddy was mildly fearful of unknown environments, some people and objects and has obviously learned to react with a ‘fight’ response when being in situations where he feels threatened. Due to this he came to us with typical ‘Little Dog’ syndrome doing his own thing!

Likes: He loves running and for a dog with short legs he’s fast! He loves playing ball with the pack and his ‘cat bed’ is his favourite sleeping place. Patch and Freddy are best mates!

Issues: He is an assertive dog so needs rules and boundaries! Obviously being a Terrier he also has potential to get obsessed with a tennis ball and chasing cars!

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Gender: Female

Breed: Black Labrador

Age: 7 years

History: Auste was in Boot Camp for 3 months to work on her food aggression and territorial behaviour. Although she did brilliantly and was ready to go home it was a case of the wrong match between owners and dog, so her owners felt she would be happier joining the Pack permanently.

Likes: Food, playing ball, playing with gentle energy dogs, rolling around on the grass and sleeping in the office!

Issues: Gets nervous around dogs that are rude and will tell them off!

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Gender: Female

Breed:French Bulldog

Age: 4 years

History: Nelly was a Boot Camp dog where her owner felt it was best if she stayed at Dog Trouble as it was the wrong match between owner and dog.  She is a real character, great dog!

Likes:  Playing with the boys! Tummy rubs and playing ball

Dislikes:  Unstable energy!

Issues:  Being a Frenchie everything is ‘Eyes and Ears!’  So she gets fixated on anything that moves, which used to be your feet when she first arrived!  You have to be calm when correcting Nelly as she can re-direct on you.

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Gender: Male

Breed: American Bulldog/Boxer Cross

Age: Approx 9 years

History: Jack is an ex boot camp dog who ended up staying at Dog Trouble due to a change in circumstances with his owners.

Likes: Playing ball, sunbathing and running.

Dislikes: Overexcited, disrespectful dogs and people who are too eager to make friends!

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Gender: Male

Breed: Pointer/Spaniel

Age: Unknown

History: Buddy was resident at Appledown Kennels, one of our Dog Trouble Foundation Rescue programme recipients. They were concerned about his stress levels and asked us to consider accepting him on our rehabilitation programme.

Likes: Buddy loves a tennis ball to chew on and of course to play with his friends. He loves to be with Auste and Alfie who we use as his ‘Mentors’.

Dislikes New environments, particularly busy places; Loud noises and sudden movement.

Issues: Buddy was a typical example of a dog who had been bred and raised in a poor environment, then dumped along with his siblings. A clear lack of early socialisation meant that Buddy was frightened of ‘life’ and had adopted the flight/avoidance behaviour to survive. Buddy has been at Dog Trouble for nearly 2 years now and is gradually getting more confident with ‘life’. He still goes into ‘flight’ when approached by people he doesn’t know but has learned to trust the Dog Trouble team.

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Gender: Female

Breed: Lurcher Cross

Age: 2 years

History: Ruby was originally having been found abandoned on the roadside in Zakynthos, Greece at 12 weeks old. After raising enough money to fly her back to the UK, Ruby is proving to be an energetic, fun, cheeky girl who loves following in the footsteps of the other Dog Trouble dogs!

Likes: Playing with Bentley and playing with her monkey toy!

Issues: Jumping up, chasing birds.

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Gender: Male

Breed: Tibetan terrier

Age: 3 years

History: Ernie first came to Dog Trouble after his owner won the ‘Guess how many biscuits’ competition at the Dog Trouble Foundation Family Fun Day 2014. The prize was a free consultation with Jo and, after working with him and his family, it became clear that they were not a good match. A decision was made for Ernie to come and live at the centre for a while to undergo rehab and then for Jo and the team to find him a more suitable home. However, Ernie’s lovely energy around other dogs soon made him a valuable member of Jo’s pack so it was decided he should stay with us.

Likes: Playing with Ruby and snuggling up for the night.

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Gender: Male

Breed: Spaniel

Age: 3 years

History: Milo’s owner contacted us because he had bitten her numerous times when she went to handle him.

Likes: Wherever there is water Milo will be swimming! He also loves being in the house chewing an antler!

Dislikes: Unbalanced energy!

Issues: When I first met him at around 14 months old, it was pretty obvious that Milo was a poorly bred dog. His walking/running gait was completely out of balance, often ‘fish tailing’ when he ran and progressively limping on his front leg and skipping on his back legs. He was also extremely hyperactive and would often go into a ‘panic’ when having a lead put on or if anyone tried to handle his feet/legs. So, Milo came into our care permanently and is now undergoing veterinary orthopaedic assessment at Fitzpatrick referrals, as it was clear to me he is in constant discomfort and pain which is contributing to his aggressive behaviour.

Trust has been a big issue for Milo, due to his pain level from his orthopaedic issues, so by staying calm and doing ‘touch’ work with him he has started to trust people more.

You can see more images in our ‘Meet the Pack’ image gallery.

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